After my fabulous uber-busy Halloween in the Big Apple last year, I planned to go back for more this month.  Let me tell you—New York City is the place to be for this fun occasion! (To see just how fun it was in NYC and environs last year, read this:

DM6iuMUUMAA89LL.jpg-largeBut too much is happening in my life here in L.A., so my trip got scuttled until the Spring.  (Let’s just hope they do Easter in as fun a way as they do Halloween!) So, here I am. Boo! (And boo-hoo, too.)

Having Halloween fall on a Tuesday means that most of the festivities already happened this past week-end. Or earlier this month, like the Dark Harbor VIP event I went to, where I took the photo at the top of this page.

So I don’t have many fun suggestions for you today, other than to just dress-up and eat treats wherever you are, even in the office or school! Or even just at home.  There are no rules, except to stay safe. And to not scare others—remember to keep this fun and light, not horrifying, (as mine was when I was five-years-old. If you missed that very scary Halloween tale of mine, click here:

No matter what you do today to celebrate, I wish you all a fun, and especially safe, Happy Halloween!


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