I love when Halloween is on a Saturday.  There’s so much more potential for fun.   And I’m giving you a day’s notice of some cool ideas for tomorrow, at the end of this column.

halloween2And, since it’s not a work day for most of us, we’re able to take the entire day to get ready, which means more elaborate costumes, if that’s your bent.  (And here in Hollywood, it definitely is everyone’s!)

I usually just take the lazy route, and go with one of a quintet of easy, pat costumes–cheerleader (and not the sexy kind, unless you have a wool fetish,) flasher (which is actually surprisingly easy for me–I already had all the components, with the pièce de résistance being a cutting from my long hair, taped to my chest,) a black-eyed pea (the easiest costume ever,) slice of pizza (don’t ask,) or the “essence of Halloween,” which means just wearing a bunch of my holiday stuff, like shirts, sweater, socks, gloves, sneaks, and every piece of themed jewelry imaginable! With Halloween nails and eye make-up, of course!

But I think I my have to resurrect my El Nino costume from 1997 because it’s so relevant again this year.  And it may even help bring on the rain. (I’m not telling you what I wear for it because I don’t want any copycats. I once went to a bunch of parties all night with a new-ish guy pal, and, to stop his begging for info on what I was “going as,” I explained my flasher costume, which was appropriate for where were headed—a bunch of club parties, and the famous West Hollywood festivities. He showed-up in almost the same outfit, but…with a bigger male unit!!! Talk about penis envy!)

My potential real-life Halloween costume.  Have I ever looked worse?!  (I hope not!)  Photo by Mr. X.  (Whom else would I let have a pic of me looking like this???)

My potential real-life Halloween costume. Have I ever looked worse?! (I hope not!) Photo by Mr. X. (Whom else would I let have a pic of me looking like this???)

I’m also mulling over going as what I just was all week—a hospital patient! I can leave on my band-aid from my IV, hold my vomit bag, and wear a hospital gown, though that component will have to be from a previous stay because this visit was so serious that I didn’t want a Cedars-Sinai gown around to make me feel bad. (Deets here, if you missed them the other day, and are curious: And I can leave my pale, wan visage as is. That oughtta sell it! [Note: OMG! I just saw my Halloween column from two years ago, and I had thought of going as a surgery patient back then, because of my hand surgeries I had just undergone! Wow. Some things never change. I think I’ll just sleep through all of October next year!]

So, you’re on your own for costumes, but I do have a few recommendations for where to go in LA for October 31st fun:

Addams Family, The Musical is opening at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center on Halloween Night! What perfect planning!!! (If you need more info on it, you can read my review here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.33.36 PMThere’s a Halloween Party for Downtown L.A. Kids at Grand Hope Park at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. (All the info is in the poster to the left. And you can read my thoughts on the 2010 version here, if you want to see what that fete is like:

One of the safest, easiest places to bring small children for trick-or-treating is at the local malls. Everything is in the same edifice, and there are security guards all around. And there are no streets to cross.

If you’re on the Westside, you just have to drive by the Witch’s House in Beverly Hills! It’s a tradition like no other.

No matter what you do tomorrow, I WISH YOU A FUN, SPOOKY, AND SAFE HALLOWEEN!

[And don’t forget to turn your clocks back right after the party! It’s the perfect day to get an extra hour of sleep; yet another perk of having Halloween fall on a Saturday!]


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