Yes, much of America seems to be open again, but please don’t let that newfound freedom make you reckless this holiday week-end. Remember that you can have fun while still being cautious and safe.

I actually to see the July 4th fireworks from here, under my beloved Brooklyn Bridge, one year!

I actually to see the July 4th fireworks from here, under my beloved Brooklyn Bridge, one year!

The interesting thing for me this holiday is that I rarely do anything fun to celebrate July 4th because I’m not willing to give up watching every second of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and part of it is always played on the 4th. (They’re British, after all, so they’re definitely not celebrating that their former subjects started an entire new country!!!)

And then, with the NBA play-offs being extended into July this year, (due to last year’s Covid-influenced late start,) my TV is on double duty. But the weird thing is that there aren’t any basketball games scheduled on the 4th this time, and Wimbledon is never played on the middle Sunday, ergo no tennis on the 4th, either!

65766677_2399830806729176_8546165761402470400_nSo what’s a bon vivette such as myself to do? I know I should go out and do something celebratory, but honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ll just catch-up on sleep and then chill. And maybe I’ll even finally get some Vitamin D by going outside for the first time in over a week!!!

But if I think of anything fun, I’ll be sure to tweet about it. You can find me on Twitter @MajorCelebrity, as always. I never know what festivities may come up on a holiday. It could be a party, a baseball game, or even just some fireworks. I love that for the first July 4th in ages, I can just relax and see how it all pans-out. I’ll be fine with any and all of it.

Oh wait—maybe the same thing I did in 2017 and 2018 will happen again this year! I hope so because it was a riot. If you haven’t heard the crazy tale before, here’s the link to my YouTube video about it. I promise, it’s a good one: (The actual story kicks-in at about 1:58.)

And now, I wish you all a very Happy Fourth of July, whether you’ll be emulating the date ala 2020, (by staying at home,) or 2019, (and partying without a care in the world,) or 1776, (and just being happy to be in this country!) I know that I’ll be celebrating all next week, by taking it off. We’ll catch-up the week after, right here.


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