I recently discovered that I’ve celebrated Father’s Day here on INAM only half of the dozen years of its existence.  So I’m correcting that oversight right now.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 6.54.30 PMThis is also the first year that I published a Father’s Day Gift Guide, so if you missed it, and are still in need of gifts for the men in your life, here’s the link to some great ideas:  I highly recommend them all.

I think the main reason I’ve neglected Father’s Day up until now is because I don’t have any cute little stories about my own sire, (as opposed to the plethora of amusing anecdotes I always share about my beloved little mo.) My father had a dry sense of humor, which made him the perfect foil to my hilarious mother. But I have only one funny story about him, which doesn’t transfer to writing, so I’ll put it on one of my YouTube videos some time. It’s a good one; I even told it at his funeral!

So all I can say for this Sunday is, no matter how aloof the men around you may act, please remember to celebrate anyone who is Father’s Day applies to: fathers, grandfathers, uncles, husbands, brothers, godfathers, stepfathers, sons, coaches, teachers, besties, and any other important male figures in your life. It will mean more to them than they let on.

If you’re in need of some last-minute ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

First of all, if you order one of the fabulous gifts I suggested in my Guide, but can’t get it to the recipient on time for Father’s Day, just give him a card saying it’s on the way.  A great way to do that is with one of Jacquie Lawson’s gorgeous animated e-cards.  It’s a nominal fee for a year of unlimited cards, and let me tell you, anyone who appreciates any kind of beauty or ingenuity will love to receive one.  (Or two!  It’s all just one price.)  Go to her website to figure it out for yourselves.

Here’s a non-moving sample from a stunning Jacquie Lawson card.

Here’s a non-moving sample from a stunning Jacquie Lawson card.

Secondly, as both a theatre and restaurant critic for decades now, I know those are both excellent categories for gifts that you can get in a hurry. And you can either take your dad (or whomever) to the place yourself, or giving him tickets or a gift certificate so he can go with others at his leisure.

Here are a few restaurants around the country that I deem to be excellent choices for the occasion:

fathers-day-ideasLos Angeles—Any time at Back on the Beach in Santa Monica (on the beach, of course!); Thai dinner at Emporium in Westwood
New York—Wonderful meat-centric Brazilian dinner at Churrascaria Plataforma in Manhattan; Every father’s favorite Sunday place, L&B Spumoni Garden in Brooklyn
Aspen, Colorado—Breakfast at the Hotel Jerome
Providence, Rhode Island—Cav for hip lunch or dinner; Breakfast at the historic and casual Modern Diner in down-the-block Pawtucket Santa Fe, New Mexico—The Compound (where I had a couple of my favorite dinners way back in the day, and it’s still there!)
Washington, DC—Grillfish
Las Vegas—Lakeside (which is beautiful) at the Wynn

In the theatre category, at the recent Tony Awards, the appreciative audience went nuts over every presentation, but, without visiting the Big Apple for the past three years, I cannot vouch for any Broadway shows right now.  But the ones whose presentations looked the most interesting to me on the Tonys were MJ and of course, The Music Man, only because of its pair of stars. I’ve seen both Sutton Foster, and my celebrity crush, Hugh Jackman, in other Broadway shows, and even though the tale, and some very stupid songs, such as Shipoopi, are not great, I’d watch those two supreme stars do anything!

This is from a TV show, as opposed to a Broadway one, but it's an adorable father and daughter, (Justin and Kennedy,) who I hope win Come Dance With Me, so it's totally appropriate.

This is from a TV show, as opposed to a Broadway one, but it’s an adorable father and daughter, (Justin and Kennedy,) who I hope win Come Dance With Me, so it’s totally appropriate.

But Los Angeles is definitely no slouch in the show category. The three I can honestly recommend right now here in my own city are Pretty Woman at the Dolby, André & Dorine at LATC downtown (the review of which you can read here:,) and King James at the Taper. (That review is here:

And, of course, if you’re in neither city, just check-out your local companies. A play or musical is a lovely way to celebrate a father.

No matter how you choose to observe the holiday this Sunday, I wish all my male readers a wonderful, safe, and Happy Father’s Day!


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