I don’t always write a Father’s Day column here on INAM, but I feel that this year begs it. With so many people having lost their family members and friends during the evil pandemic, we should all appreciate everyone a bit more now. And why not begin with our patriarchs?

jpgI didn’t have the best relationship with own late father, but I never missed the chance to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. After all, I would not have been here without him. (When I was little, I always wished that my mother had married one of her rich boyfriends instead, not realizing that if that had been the case, I would not have been alive to reap those financial rewards!)

So, unless your own sire is crazy, neglectful, or abusive, you may as well celebrate him this Sunday. If he’s not around, for one reason or another, there are always uncles, husbands, grandfathers, godfathers, stepfathers, sons, coaches, teachers, and any other close important male figures in one’s life.

And, honestly, this year especially, the acknowledgement doesn’t really have to be more than a quick phone call, email, e-card, or text. All of those show that you’re at least thinking of the man.

eb8218a9-b039-4b7c-85a0-74c1ed4e4defThe forever perception is that fathers are less emotional than mothers, and their feelings won’t be hurt by not having a fuss made over them on their supposedly special day. I actually do think that’s true. I have never once had a male complain to me about not having a good Father’s Day. But I’ve been privy to a lot of hurt feelings on Mother’s Days. That, or I’ve heard men be stoic about what we all know are their thoughtless children. On the other hand, moms often make out-loud excuses for their creepy kids, while internally their hearts are broken by the non-actions of their offspring.

So trust me when I tell you that dads do not need that much on Father’s Day. And don’t even feel the pressure of giving gifts. Do fathers really need another traditional one, such as ties, tools, and pen sets? I think not. But they might appreciate new gadgets, such as smart phones or laptops, (as long as you set them up for your pops!)

The kind of greeting card I always sent my father, an assessment he assured me he agreed with!

The kind of greeting card I always sent my father, an assessment he assured me he agreed with!

But I feel the best way to go is always with something heartfelt, like anything artistic, like a poem, music, or a cake, no matter how awful it is. I think they appreciate the effort. I always wrote my father the worst poems ever, but when I cleaned-out my childhood home when my parents left this level of life, some of them were still there! (To this day, my favorite one I ever wrote was about allowing my brother to watch his beloved Three Stooges: “Oh Daddy dear, I love you so. Please let Edward watch Curly, Larry, and Moe.” Good one, right? And, oh—it worked!)

No matter how you do this holiday this year, let me be the first to wish all the men in my life, and all of you who are fathers, a very Happy Father’s Day! (And here’s a little poem I literally just whipped-up for you this very second):

To all my male readers,
Thanks for the support.
I hope you have a lovely Father’s Day.
And that any children of yours are the loving sort.

(And to celebrate you, I’ll do you the favor of not revealing the alternate endings I came up with first!)


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