This Sunday will be the world’s second pandemic Easter! Who could have possibly imagined last year that we’d still be going through this global health crisis in 2021? Even though so much has gotten better since then, I still feel that most of us should be staying home for one more holiday.

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.36.06 AMIn re-reading what I wrote last year for the first Easter on which we all had to just stay home and celebrate with the people with whom we were isolated, to look for clues as to what to recommend to you on this similar year, I realized that I got something a tad wrong in that article. (Which proves that miracles do happen!)

I had erroneously stated that the only two Easter functions I had ever hosted were an Afternoon Tea I threw a decade ago, and a party I made for my bro when we were kids. But I had forgotten a couple of other soirees I threw to celebrate this major Spring holiday!

I actually had an intimate Easter fete right here in my house in LA a long while ago. My parents were visiting for one of their very infrequent trips, and I figured it was time my Jewish ‘rents had some other-holiday fun. So Mr. X and hosted a very fun Easter day for them and a few close friends.

I'd love to say this is what OUR Easter e-words looked like, but no such luck; these are pro ones.

I’d love to say this is what OUR Easter e-words looked like, but no such luck; these are pro ones.

We all painted Easter e-words, which I was shocked to see my parents get very into. My mother was already a successful artist of miniature watercolors, but my father didn’t have an artistic bone in his body, (outside of being a dancer and actor when he was a young man.) But they both did great with the e-word designs! I actually kept them all for a few years, (in the fridge, of course,) and found a smile on my face whenever I came upon them.

I knew that I’d be too busy leading the art work to cook while my guests were here, so I was smart enough to go the easy route on the vittles—I ordered a gigantic sub sandwich with all the trimmings, made a big salad to accompany it, and, of course, had baked a passel of chocolate chip cookies to munch on as we created our designs. (I don’t like my guests to do any of the work at my soirees.)

That day was one of our most fun get-togethers ever, and I cherish those memories.

This could have been what our Easter fete at my mother's house looked like--she was known for her plethroa of stuffed animals who were around at all times!

This could have been what our Easter fete at my mother’s house looked like–she was known for her plethroa of stuffed animals who were around at all times!

We also threw an Easter brunch in Brooklyn one year, too! Actually, that was part of a trifecta of Easter week-end activities for us. My father had already left this level of life, so I’d sojourn to New York as often as possible to entertain, and exhaust, my little mo. Mr. X came with me this time, and since we had been invited elsewhere for actual Easter dinner, (to the Rampinos, which we would never ever give up!,) we had to throw our fete on the Friday of that week-end. We made it a pizza party with several of our New York besties, and, outside of Mr. X dropping his laptop, (which led to a crazy Saturday driving all over Manhattan…in my PJs!–I’ll tell you about that one some other time, maybe even next Easter,) a great time was had by all.

But it was what I refer to as a “kid” party, (meaning just my friends,) and my mother’s best friend had been a big fan of Mr. X since his earlier TV series days, and she was desperate to meet him. So that Sunday morning, before our later Easter dinner at the Rampinos, we threw a holiday brunch for my mother’s friends and some family members. That was a very jovial gathering, complete with musical performances!

easter_eggs_basket_grassMy mother kvelled from all those festivities in a row for a very long time! And I’m always grateful for that entire week-end.

So I don’t know how I forgot about those two wonderful times when I wrote last year’s Easter article. Perhaps the lockdown was giving me temporary holiday memory loos!

Here’s my final “harking back” statement—Easter was on the same date that it is this year—April 4th—exactly eleven years ago! Even I can’t figure out how I remembered that fact. (But I love events like that.)

I wish everyone who celebrates it a joyous and very Happy Easter! I hope you’ll all join me in staying home and coloring e-words and eating Peeps on Sunday. If we all do that, I’m sure there will be many more of us here to celebrate next year! And isn’t that worth another homebody holiday? It sure is to me.


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