Meghan is a disgrace! I’ve always wanted Prince Harry to find happiness, but that creepy woman is not the way. Why didn’t one of the British blondes just marry him, and make us all happy??? [Note: I have no idea who came up with that pic at the top of this page, but it’s brilliant!]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

I feel terrible for Harry. He isn’t blameless in this new “quitting the Royal Family” debacle, but he is the hapless dupe. The poor guy has been so vulnerable since he lost his beloved mum all those years ago, when he was just twelve-years-old.

That rotten Markle woman has been planning this current crisis situation from the get-go. I could not loathe a complete stranger more than I do her. She’s caused all this chaos in just a year and a half!!!

And I predicted it all!!! Especially that she’d get pregnant in a nano-second. (If you need proof, you can read my article on their wedding right here: itsnotaboutme.tv/news/karens-thoughts-prince-harrys-royal-wedding.)

Megan Markle is just like the lead character in Leave Her To Heaven who gets the man to marry her quickly, after which he realizes that she’s a psycho who’s completely unstable and insanely jealous of everyone around him. (It’s even been reported that Harry was worried that his “unsettled” wife would have a “meltdown” if she remained in the UK.)

Some entities, such as the New York times, have seemed to laud Markle for being, to quote them, “…American, a former actress, biracial, divorced, and a self-described feminist,” which is just nutty to begin with. But they left-out a few things—she’s also a gold-digger, fame whore, and manipulative bi-atch!!! (I’ve actually forgotten that she’s biracial. But you can be sure that she’s going to say that the Royal Family is racist! Mark my words.)

The Markle woman having to demonstrate to the world that she's pregnant.

The Markle woman having to demonstrate to the world that she’s pregnant.

And Markle’s timing is always so devious. The Sussexes made their new big announcement, which they knew would be earth-shattering and global-headlines-grabbing, with every Brit glued to it, the day before Kate’s birthday, which has got to be the cherry on the bitch cake! It’s just like another totally rotten thing that Meghan did—she announced her pregnancy at Princess Eugenie’s wedding!!! And then she named her baby “Archie,” which is Prince George’s nickname. She’s always trying to steal someone else’s thunder. (And, unfortunately, she’s succeeding.) I think she’s also jealous that she’s five months older than Catherine, yet sooo much further behind in being respected and revered.

But I’ve got to give Megan Markle this–she is a genius—a frigging evil genius. She’s gotten everything she was hoping for when she first went after Harry. She wanted massive fame, which her pitiful little acting career wasn’t giving her. I’m sure she was also in pursuit of fortune, but that was secondary to her maniacal plan to bag an uber-famous man. She had to find one for whom she was at least sort-of age-appropriate, (before she aged-out of her plan,) and who was super-vulnerable, and desperate for a relationship. And voila—here was the open-wound that is Prince Harry!

Is that her master plan in her hand?

Is that her master plan in her hand?

Her next step was to go over to England and find mutual connections who could introduce them. Since he had been sort-of a “party prince,” with horrible judgement, (remember the “swastika incident,” anyone, or the “strip billiards” one?,) she didn’t have much trouble finding him. She made believe she knew nothing about him, (as she declared in their televised engagement presser,) even though everyone in the world knew his entire life! Then she invented that she had all his same interests, (which I’m she had already researched extensively.) Genius, yet oh so evil.

And now I predict that she’ll soon be Robin Givens-ing it. She’s going to throw Harry under the bus as soon as she can figure-out what for, as Robin did to her then-husband, Mike Tyson, (although he did later deserve all the dissing he received.) Megan will have by then wrung everything she possibly could out of the marriage, and won’t need Harry anymore. Her ticket to the Royal Family for life, (much to the chagrin of so many of us,) was having that baby right away. (Yeah, a baby whom she cares so much about that she left him a continent away for the past several weeks, while he’s only eight-months-old!!! What kind of mother does something like that?!?!?! A complete narcissistic sociopath, that’s who!)

And here’s one more of my predictions: When she realizes just how many people are against her, and she becomes desperate to get back into everyone’s good graces, (if she ever even was to begin with!,) I predict that she’ll claim that all of her “megxit” efforts were due to…severe postpartum depression!!! And then she’ll make it a cause of hers, so that new moms everywhere will laud her. (I shouldn’t be giving her any ideas, just in case her scheming mind hadn’t thought of that yet. But if it occurred to me, you know her “team” is already on it.)

Delusional Meghan erroneously thinks that she’s going to fare as well as Diana did when she left Charles. But I have news for Markle—she’s the opposite of beloved—she’s reviled! And if she dies, as Diana did, there will be few mourning her.

An on-line cartoon of how many of wish they'd wind-up!

An on-line cartoon of how many of wish they’d wind-up!

And it’s come-out that she’s already set-up many fame-and-money-producing opportunities for herself now. A lot was made of her “sacrifice” of giving-up her website when she became a royal, which most woman would consider a no-brainer; writing crap all day or living with the man you love. And as one of the most famous people in the world, to boot! So now she’s already secured a new website. And some deals with fashion lines, and even a voice-over deal, which Harry begged the president of Disney for when the man was a guest at a royal dinner! When Markle guested-edited a magazine last year, I’m sure her wheels were already turning to get a mag for herself, à la what Oprah did! I’m really hoping that it all falls apart for her. In a big way.

I was trying to figure-out why I’m so upset about all this, when these people are total strangers to me. And this I realized: I hate when evil wins. (The only British person who can possibly be happy about this is Fergie—she’s finally no longer the scourge of the royal fam!)

I just hope that someday, Prince Harry can find true happiness with an old flame, just like his father did.

As all of England is, (along with much of the rest of the world,) I’m watching closely to see what’s going to happen with this stressful-for-the-Monarchy (and for me) situation. I hope they strip those ungrateful d-bags of their titles, and then we’ll see how well they fare.

Prince Harry and James Hewitt.  (Which is which?)

Prince Harry and James Hewitt. (Which is which?)

Okay, here’s something that I wonder if anyone else has thought of. (Perhaps they have, but I’m the only one who’s brave enough to communicate it to the masses.) If Prince Harry insists on leaving “The Firm,” the Queen should finally insist on a paternity test for him. If, as we all think, his father is actually Princess Di’s occasional lover, the ginger-haired James Hewitt, and not Prince Charles, Harry is not a royal at all! And then we’ll see how fast that Markle creep leaves him! His carrot-top would spin! And please remember—you read it here first!



  1. My 2 cents: for a woman who wanted to be a princess, who the WORLD drooled over when she became a princess, who is supposedly such a STRONG woman, she was on the verge of a melt-down? Perhaps if she didn’t alienate the entire Royal Family with her stand-off-ish-ness, this would have played out much better. Perhaps if she didn’t play to the cameras instead of the population of England that supports her, this would have played out differently. Perhaps if she had heeded the advice of many who warned her of what was ahead, this would have played out differently. From my experience, a STRONG woman grows from things like this. She does not run away and into the arms of her celebrity friends.

  2. She cannot claim post natal depression because she would risk the truth being revealed. She never birthed Archie. He was born to a surrogate. If she tries to get sympathy for post natal depression she would be asking for trouble. Great blog. Thank you so much. Wally

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