WOW CREATIONS EMMYS SUITE (featuring Karen’s second YouTube vid!)


[Note: I’m going to try my best to live-tweet my impressions of the Emmys coverage on Monday, @MajorCelebrity, so please check that out. Until then, my Gifting Suites coverage begins right now with this one!]

I’m always happy to visit this suite, which was once again held at the exclusive Penthouse of the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills.  It’s an indoor/outdoor space, so we got to enjoy the sunshiny summer day whilst discovering all the goodies that Wow Creations had to offer.

There were so many fabulous new items there, including several that I’ve never seen anywhere else.  The Harris twins (of Storage Wars fame) continue to surprise us all the time, so big kudos to them!

Boxer Victor Ortiz, rocking some of new gifts at the Wow Creations Emmys Suite.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Boxer Victor Ortiz, rocking some of new gifts at the Wow Creations Emmys Suite. Photo by Karen Salkin.

You know I don’t usually get excited at seeing famous people in L.A., (because there are so many in this town,) but this time, I was thrilled to make the acquaintance of adorable young boxer, Victor Ortiz.  He couldn’t have been nicer to everyone he came in contact with.  That’s a person who deserves his celebrity! (Click here to find-out exactly what our private convo was: .)

Getting back to the gifts, this is the first group I’ve ever brought home that I’ve seen Mr. X take an interest in! That is such a big deal. So, since none of my co-writers were available this go-round, I used him as my test subject on many of the items, all with happy results.

I also appreciated that, in addition to the great products at the suite, all the sponsors featured such attractive displays.  Props to each space designer for that.

Let’s begin with the one that wins for most artistic because…it’s made-up of, well, artists!  Here goes:

Just a very small sample of what The IndiExhibit has to offer! Photo by Karen Salkin.

Just a very small sample of what The IndiExhibit has to offer! Photo by Karen Salkin.

The IndiExhibit–I love that this group of independent artists from all around the country has so much variety in their offerings. They let each guest choose from among original artwork, jewelry, stationery, candles, you name it.  A beautiful Michelle Pugh (aka Smash Girl) necklace caught my eye from the get-go, and it was a bonus that she happened to be manning the booth, so I got to meet her on the spot!  On top of that, each guest left with a book of gift certificates for additional goodies.  You can see why they’re always one of the most popular sponsors at any gifting suite!

Radar Watches—Speaking of most popular sponsors, this colorful, casual watch company is always in that category, as well. Even though they have some beauties already made-up, you can also mix and match bands and faces. Being a girl who still plays with crayons, I always love seeing what I’ve dubbed their “wall of color” (all the bands in a vertical row, from floor to ceiling) behind their booth.

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Koreball–This is one of the very few gifts I’ve ever seen Mr. X get excited about!  It’s basically a steel-framed orb (in two self-contained halves) that you fill with water, to make it the weight that’s comfortable for you to exercise with.  So, it’s perfect for travel.  Or wimps like me, who will just fill it with air.   The woman who was repping it at the suite, (and whose picture is on their literature,) has excellent arms, so if the Koreball helps mine look like hers, I’ll be a happy camper.  (Which reminds me–it’s good for camping trips, too!)

Beantown Bedding–No, this does not refer to The Princess and the Pea, though beans and peas are both legumes, and the pea was put under a mattress in the tale.  It’s a shocking new concept in bedding–sheets and pillowcases that you use just a few dozen times, and then throw away!  I believe they were designed with campers and college students in mind, but I have a feeling that Mr. X and my lazy selves will be checking them out at home.

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Pedi Princess-I was drawn over to this table because their display of colorful flip-flops called my name.  It turns out that their design is even better than they look.  Here’s what they are: thongs to wear to and from a pedicure because they have the extra toe separators built right in! And those separator tines are topped with shiny stones, to boot, just like a real princess!

Derwood Couture—It was great to see this company here again. They make neckties with a special twist–you can mix and match the actual tie with a clip-on knot! They had a whole new slew of more casual designs this time, including ones for hip dudes who enjoy rockin’ a few shades of brown leather.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Iso Beauty Tools—I always love seeing this hair tool company anywhere!  The flat-irons they were featuring this time are covered in hot animal prints, so that your tools will be as stylin’ as your hair!

Ranch Organics—Mr. X could not stop inhaling the aroma of the lavender soap I brought home from this apothecary line. And I could not stop admiring the beautiful jar that contains their lush “Barn Balm,” which is a thick, creamy body butter. So, this one is a total win-win.

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Millstone Farm & Organics–Mr. X, (my laundry maven,) went nuts when I told him about this ingenious product from our neighbors to the north.  It’s wool balls that you put in the dryer with your wash, and it cuts the drying time by a major percent.  That makes for so much less wear and tear on your clothes!

Gary Red Tees–I noticed Victor Ortiz wearing his tee shirt from this company right away, and I was jealous that I didn’t think of that first.  But the guys’ ones were normal-length tees, while we girls got semi-crop tops.  And with so many foodie gifts to come (see below,) I wasn’t ready to bare the abs on the premises!  But I would have been happy if Victor had!

And let’s not forget about the gifts of the edible variety!:

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Heat Sweets–Finally, a company with an easy name to type!  And remember!  And which describes its product exactly!  So, kudos to them on that.  The hot-and-sweet-himself Mr. X went absolutely nuts over these clever jellies and relishes with a kick.

Cottage Kitchen—Mr. X, a cracker connoisseur, loved these delicate upscale crackers! He paired them with the the jellies listed above, and a bit of cream cheese, and had himself a feast, raving about them the entire time.

Maui Cookie Lady–Mr. X really enjoyed this “delish” trio of cookies from Hawaii.  Alas, they weren’t my kind of flavors, so I didn’t get to try any, but I did drool over the mouth-watering pink bag!

Sarah’s Skinny Sweets—This display was so sweet and pink and girly, which I loved, that I just had to include them here. But, while I’m sure that my pal with celiac disease will appreciate these gluten-free cookies, I’m strictly a gluten-heavy girl! They’re also free of all the bad things that I’m afraid I love—sugar, soy, carbs, and dairy—which is the attraction of this healthy snack company, so, alas, I didn’t even try them. But, it’s definitely something the health-conscious among you should know about.

[Note: The Emmys have come early this year, and with them, the attendant gifting suites. Despite my crazy summer schedule, I managed to make it out to five of them. Each one gets its own write-up because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back here all next week to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the first of five.]


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