Well, the Golden Globes have come and gone, but the afterglow of the attending gifting suites lingers on. With my January 14 birthday falling the day before the awards telecast, (which I wanted to spend not working,) I was left with only one day to check-out all the suites, so I was able to make it to only three. (But they’re the ones that count!) I’m featuring each suite in it’s own column, in the order of my visits. (So please check the past two days to get all the juicy scoops.)

I finished up the day at the service-centric DPA suite, which was most welcome, especially by then. I believe I missed at least one service, but when I arrived and saw the inviting massage tent, courtesy of The Massage Express, I just couldn’t resist. I really must commend, and thank, founder of the company, Courtney DuCaine, for not skimping on the time. It was late in the day, and getting dark outside on the lovely rooftop of the Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, and she could have just gone through the motions. No one would have blamed her for making it a quickie. But she gave me the full treatment, which is exactly what I needed after carrying bags loaded with gifts from the other suites all day. I just wish I had time to collect all the ones at this one, because they always have great items, but I’ll begin my week at this suite next time.

Totally relaxed, I moved on to a wonderful, peaceful bio-feedback treatment, called Edge Neuro Fitness. It treats all kinds of conditions, but this time I desperately needed it for stress this time because of the recent pain of losing my beloved mother on Christmas. Becky Bassham, the specialist who administered the treatment, could not have been kinder or more understanding.

Photo of Karen Salkin and Didi Mai Tamaki-Desmarais by Daniel Desmarais. All other photos by Karen Salkin.

As I was leaving the suite, I noticed a new lash treatment from Padina Cosmetics out of France. The lovely French man who founded the company introduced me to his daughter from Japan, and I mentioned that I loved her eyelashes. It turns out that she was there applying individual ones to the guests. As it was the very end of the day, she took me right in and made me look like it was the beginning of the day!!! I looked so good, I was finally regretting canceling my birthday party for the next night. At least I looked great for my 2:03AM photo that I stay up to take as I turn my next age. Nutty, I know. But fun to look back on these past twenty-one years.

With all this pampering, I had time to collect only a couple of gifts. One fabulous discovery, though, I hope to feature in my Valentine’s Gift Ideas column, so be sure to watch out for that. Here are the others I got to:

Dry Clean Green Bag—this is a wonderful idea! It’s an attractive bag that you hang in your closet to collect your clothing for dry-cleaning. You just bring it to the cleaner and they hang up to twelve items in it to give back to you, thus eliminating all that plastic wrap! As a crazy re-cycler, I love it. And, there’s even a convenient place to hang the excess hangars, so the same ones can be used again and again. I think your cleaners should even give you a discount because you’re saving them on the cost of multiple hangers.

Manuka Doctor Honey and Face Mask—this in an interesting company out of New Zealand, where one of my best friends lives. (So I always trust that country.) They make several wellness and beauty products, to nourish us from the inside out. So, they were gifting actual honey for eating, (which you can also use on your face,) and bee venom to use as a rejuvenating face mask! I had never before realized just how important bees are to our overall health! I can’t wait to use them both. I just better keep the jars in separate rooms, so I don’t mistakenly put the mask in my tea.

That’s it for DPA this time. Please remember to look back at the other Golden Globes suites columns this week, if you missed them. I have to go rest up for the next round of suites, which are less than a month away! I hope there will be as many services as DPA because I’ll definitely need them by then! Or even, right this very second!



  1. Daniel Desmarais / Padina cosmetics on

    Thank you for the very nice write-up. I hope you test the Padina on your lashes to make them grow now that Didi has gone back to Japan. We are trying to plan so that she can come back every 3 to 4 months to do a few celebrities and eventually we could make an eyelash extension salon here in LA.
    Thanks again, Daniel

  2. Whatever you do, don’t intern for Nathalie Dubois! She just uses charities to try to sound like she’s a good person, but in reality she’s rude to sponsors and guests. She’s so fake, one second she’s smiling at a guest the next she’s talking crap about them behind their back. I had a terrible internship there and don’t like the way she bullies people. Trust me avoid this suite like the plague, even celebrities get attitude if she’s in a bad mood.

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