This was an interesting new concept in gifting suites–a post-event event.  I really appreciated it because, since it was unique, we could concentrate on the one suite without having to rush to others.

I have ten fabulous companies to tell you about, eight of them that are totally new to me, so I’m pretty sure they will be to you, too.

All photos by Karen Salkin.

COTON COLORS POTTERY–this is one of my favorites gifts of all time!  I don’t know what else this company offers, but at the suite, they were gifting colorful ceramic plates on a stand, that readHappy Everything,” a phrase that I’ve been writing on greeting cards my whole life!  Then you velcro one of several little ceramic tiles to the top, that explain with pictures just what you’re happy about.  (For example, the American flag for the Fourth of July.) I love colors, cute designs, positive sayings, and being happy, so this one is win-win-win-win! I want one of everything this company makes! Then it will really be “Happy Everything” for me!

NORVELL TAN—this was my most fun stop. While everyone else took home this company’s self-tanners, I was the only one who had their upbeat rep, (with a great name,) Rachel Wood, spray-tan me right on-site! She offered, and since I had on very little clothing anyway, which I could easily move around, (the event was right in the ballroom of the SLS Hotel, so I couldn’t exactly strip outright,) I happily accepted. And you know what? It turned-out to be one of the best spray tans I’ve ever gotten! Dancing With The Stars-worthy! And the next day, my skin felt extra soft, which has never happened from a spray tan before. So, I looked and felt great. Lucky Mr. X!

HOMANZ PURSES–this was one of my favorite sponsors from the previous Secret Room suite.  This time, they were featuring lovely summer purses, in whites and creams and reds.  And once again, they were in an enchanting summery display of trees and flowers. I love a generous, artistic sponsor.

AMY MARTINSON PHOTOGRAPHY–this photographer’s pictures were so inviting that I actually thought she was an exotic trip-giving sponsor!!!  When I got closer to investigate, I discovered that, in reality, they were photos from her trips to Bora-Bora.  Just beautiful.

TAHIZEA PEARL JEWELRY–when I was a little girl, I thought that pearls were the classiest thing one could ever wear. As I grew-up, I felt they were for older woman, although still classy. But when I saw Tahizea’s beautiful cultured pearls from Tahiti, I re-thought my view of pearls once again. These combine class with hipness, and are for everyone. Everyone with a sense of style, that is.

MARCO POLO DESIGNS–designer Claude Cruz and his wife Penny made their arrangement of colorful glass jewelry one of the brightest spots of the suite. Each guest was invited to choose from among the many bracelets, necklaces, and earrings on creative display and Penny’s wrapping looked almost as beautiful as the pieces themselves.

MOONSHINED DESIGNS–designer Cate Rubenstein presented her lovely dainty silver earrings in one of the smartest ways I’ve ever noticed at a suite. She had each one in a colorful pouch and attached it to the info sheet that was scrolled-up. She showed everyone the choices and they just picked the proper pouch with no muss or fuss. Or indiscriminate grabbing!

iHIP HEADPHONES—every time I see headphones and the like at a suite, I’m thrilled to find something that my krump dancing boyfriend, Mr. X, would be interested in. So, just when I feel he has every kind of headphone known to man, iHip shows up with Yankees ones!!! Which means that he just may have to share with me. Yanks and music—two of the very few things we agree on!

LIPS TO LOVE—I’m always interested in discovering a lip plumper that works, since I’ve found that most of them do not. So, I was skeptical when I happened upon this new concept in the field, that features a vibrating applicator, for a little lip massage that’s supposed to help. But you know what? I was showing it to Mr. X, who laughed at first, but then said, “They actually do look a little bigger!” In one try! Whodda thunk it?!

FLORAGLO VITAMINS—as a big vitamin taker myself, I’m always open to hearing about the latest info on that front. So, I was happy to see them gifting new Women’s One-A-Day Plus Healthy Skin Support, which contains lutein, a protein that helps not just skin but eyesight, as well. The better to see our new beauty!

BEAUTY CARE CHOICES—speaking of beauty (as I was in the last paragraph,) I’m the biggest girly-girl I know, so of course I was attracted to this colorful table of hair and skin care samples. I don’t even use hair spray, (I actually didn’t know that anyone does anymore,) but the tall pink can with the rhinestone heart on the front had my name on it. If only I had a 1950s vanity on which to feature it!



    • That’s so far off. They only let us know a few days before. If there are suites for it, you know I’ll be writing about them, so look out for that!

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