I finished up the Emmys suites with a visit to Debbie Durkin’s Main Event Eco Lounge. I brought one of my assistants, Lucia, with me, and she was most impressed with the lovely relaxed vibe at this ” suite,” which was held once again on a gorgeous private estate in classy Hancock Park. It’s always the perfect one to end the pre-Emmys festivities with.

They whetted our appetites right from the start with an attractive display at the check-in table that showcased the gifts to come, including Vitaphenol skin cleanser, Tote Pets mini tote bags with adorable little 3-D animals on them, and boxed samples of Eco-Me cleaning and pet products.

Most happily for us, this was the only suite to have beauty services, which were totally welcome after the hectic week, which, for me, included flying back from New York the night before the Emmys suites began in earnest.  ( I, sadly, missed a couple that had happened earlier in the week.)

Lucia and I spent time most of our time there with the stylists from the Tintura Salon, which has outposts in Claremont and Upland.  The ladies were the most pleasant salon personnel ever!  Tabitha and Trisha (who I now refer to as “TNT,”) flat-ironed my beginning-to-channel-Monica hair, and Susan gave us hand massages and treatments, which we really needed after gripping bags full of goodies all day!

While my hair was being worked on, I kept hearing hip music close to my head. I could not imagine from whence it came, but it turned out to be from the flat-iron!!!  They were using the Hai Stick that comes with a built-in MP3player!  What a brilliant idea to make a somewhat annoying task (for most of us,) more pleasant!  Loving it.

Tintura is Hai’s rep and they got to bestow the musical styling tool on VIP guests, complete with a little “presenting”ceremony.  Of course, I took the occasion to thank the Academy.  But the music started playing me off…from my own Hai Stick!

I was also thrilled to finally meet Jim Robinson of J. R. Entertainment Consulting, the company from which I won the very iPad I’m writing these words on!  I entered their raffle at the Main Event Lounge for the MTV Awards in June, and I can’t tell you how much it saved my life these past two months in NY.  It kept me great company while I was sleeping (or attempting to) on my mother’s hospital room floor night after night.  I believe they were raffling off another one at this Emmys suite, but, as I told Jim, no other winner will be as grateful as I.

There  were several charities at this suite, but the ones I spent the most time with were Yes!Beat Liver Tumors and Athena’s Cup, to whom we donated bras for women who can’t afford them, a situation we never would have considered on our own.

We ended the day listening to live music from an adorable discovery of Debbie Durkin’s, Ryan Boone, while getting mini-neck massages from Yvonne Larson, the Neck Work Expert. I’m paying her a visit in the next couple of weeks for a full-body one, and judging by the tidbit I received at the suite, I have a feeling she’ll be able to work out my bad back issues. Fingers crossed.




This one wasn’t a suite, but rather something to help us look fabulous for all the Emmys activities.

I went to a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills to have this mini-facial, featuring Stem Cell Gold Serum, (which is also available for home use.) It’s touted to plump up your skin, and a big event such as the Emmys is the perfect occasion for it.

The facial took only about ten minutes, which everyone should be able to spare for glamour, in my opinion.  It consisted of a very quick microdermabrasion followed by the Gold Serum.  I finished up with just forty-one seconds of flashing led lights, which activate the nutrients from the serum deep into the layers of the skin, and I was ready for the rest of the Emmys weekend festivities.

The products really did appear to work.  I was thrilled that it was my face that got plumper and not my just-lost-eight-punds body!



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