This one-day event was also held at the London Hotel, where I had attended another suite the day before, but this time it was in the ballroom, rather than outside.

I was happy to find several new and different products along with some familiar ones, so let’s get to the highlights:

CAILYN SKINCARE AND MAKE-UP–they had to pick my tongue off the floor when I saw this huge array of beauty products, including stunning sparkly shadows!!! I’ve seriously been searching for great sparkly shadows for very many years now, with no luck. I’ve even had to mix my own, which was a pain. Along with those, they were featuring many skin care products, including colored moisturizer, and hair sparklers and make-up brushes, too. This booth was a girly-girl’s dream!

EUCALAN LAUNDRY PRODUCTS–this was a refreshing item to see in a gifting suite! I mean it in both ways–I’ve rarely seen laundry products in this setting, and they refresh our clothing. These are no-rinse and for delicate washes, whether by hand or in the machine. (Honestly, I’m not the laundress in my house, so you have to go to their site for use tips.) I love their travel and emergency kits.

CONNECTOR BRACELETS–we could have spent all day with the guys who manned this booth! I ran into a lovely female journalist, who told me she always watched my show, (so of course she’s lovely!,) and we perused these items together. Between the two of us, we tried on half the fabulous colorful bracelets here, (and trust me–they had tons!,) and just could not tear ourselves away! We even gave up massages to play with more of them. (The bracelets, not the men.) Though I loved everything they had, the skinny connector bracelets are perfect for teen-ager’s. (Or hipster’s–I guess I qualify as both!) They even had one that matches the princess logo on my business cards!

SMIINK EYELASHES–they bill themselves as “lash artistry” and I can see why. My mouth watered for this beauty kit from Australia! Even though I occasionally break-down and have individual lashes applied for an event, I basically don’t like anything false on me for an extended period of time. Smiink is the perfect solution–you put them on as desired and take them off that night. They come in tons of designs, and are reusable. The kit also includes semi-permanent liner pens for lips and eyes, for us lazy girls who don’t want, or have time to, keep re-applying our make-up all day. Leave it to those Aussies!

NUBAR–I was thrilled to see my new favorite nail polish company there, especially since I had lost my bottle of Fire Sparkle the day before. No worries–I now have two more colors in their “sparkle” collection.

MICHAEL MARCUS COSMETICS–we got a fabulous travel set of make-up brushes from the man himself. You just place the whole kit on any surface and the whole shebang stands up, with each brush in its own holder. I never saw one like this. Now, I just have to find somewhere to travel to!

FUSION EXCEL–this company had so many energy products to help you “perform at your optimum level.” I need to decorate my whole body with them! As good-looking as my circular silver pendant is, the benefits, including to “improve energy and balance, and reduce inflammation, body aches and joint pains,” is the real attraction.

PETER W TEE–this is the softest, most special feeling tee shirt I’ve ever encountered!!! And it’s made just for us girls. But the guys will love them, too, when we’re wearing them–it’s an instant way to get a guy to not be able to keep his hands off you, even though it’s all about the texture of your tee! And it’s also a fabulous gift because it comes in an adorable little drawed box. I can’t wait to try their long-sleeved shirts, as well. More material to feel!

NO. 4 HAIRCARE–I’ve been seeing them everywhere recently and plan to try the line soon. I’m impressed by their neat, clean packaging–it’s like something I’d see in a rich, classy friend’s house.

BALENSI’S EYELASH EXTENSIONS–Jean-Michel, who owns the spa he was representing at the suite, attached a few Xtreme Lashes for me. I’ve been glad they’re not too extreme, but rather very subtle. They don’t bother me a bit, as others sometimes do. And he did the procedure the quickest ever! It was fun to end the day with a little bit of glamour.



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