For the 2011 Emmys, GBK returned to the site of their most gorgeous suite ever, the W Hollywood, and was presented in actual suites of the hotel, which I always get a kick out of because that’s how they began back in the day. The delicious, and classy, catering was done by the hotel, as well.  It was all healthful choices, too, of the classic Mediterranean diet variety.

Gown made out of Tic Tacs! You can look gorgeous and have fresh breath at the same time.

Celebrity wrangler Rita Tateel, who used to book me on many a fun event when I was doing my TV show, worked her magic once again because GBK, as usual, seemed to attract the most stars. I’m always thrilled to see Robert Morse there, the most talented person ever to grace a gifting suite, in my opinion. There was also nominee James Wood, and several cast members from eventual winner Modern Family, along with Glee, The Good Wife, and Desperate Housewives, among others.

More importantly, GBK supported several charities, including, Art of Elysium, (who partnered with the important anti-bullying book Just Like You,) CancerCare, Teach For America, and A New Way Of Life.

But, as always, the attraction for me is having the opportunity to let you guys know about some of the wonderful products that this suite gifts to the celebs and VIPS. Let’s get started:

ComforPedic Pillows–So, part of my mother’s recent health issues had to do with swollen legs, and Mr. X keeps telling me that we have to get her some kind of special pillow for them.  I had no idea what he was talking about until I came upon these gorgeous ComforPedic pillows by Simmons. They’re like clouds of heaven.  (If a company wants to use that name, btw, I’m willing to negotiate.). Not only do they look like the most comfortable things ever, but each one comes contained in it’s own little roll pack, perfect for travel. To Dreamland, that is!

Revitalash–not only are the products from this leader in the lash thickening business now being presented in new super-smooth packaging that’s incredible to the touch, but it’s also re-formulated to work even faster!  The old one has always worked really quickly on my lashes, anyway, so I can’t wait to see what the new one can do! Revitalash also used the occasion to unveil their new lash primer, which you wear under mascara. If only I can get my hands off the new package long enough to apply it!

Ecofirstart's suite furniture, made out of recycled jeans' patches and zippers!–this company that culls together major eco-friendly products, including the innovative furniture featured in their particular suite, was giving guests their choice of many products, including jewelry and big, fluffy bathrobes, which must have been made from recycled

The IndiExhibit—this long-time non-profit organization had smartly put together boxes of lovely gifts from many of their talented artisans. I think my two favorites were a leather wristband with a peacock feather, (which often stands for dignity, and beauty,) and boy shorts with “What would your mother do?” emblazoned across the back. I know what mine would do—not let anybody see her undies, no matter how cute they are. That’s where this apple does fall far from the tree!

Knot Genie hair-detangler.

Knot Genie–this “why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-before” detangling brush was invented by a mom of three, and is perfect for all ages, especially those who are cursed (or blessed, depending on your point of view) with curly hair.

Sheex—in a wonderful example of synergy, this new entry into the linen world, that was located right next to the bed people, (see the first gift above,) was gifting soft pillowcases made with new cooling technology.

Bread Basket Cake truffles.

Bread Basket Cake—they gifted truffles with cake inside them!  They were so delicious, and filling, to boot, that they ruined us for the day, appetite-wise, which is a good thing.

The Artisan Group—a big group of artists got together on this collection, which features beautiful jewelry, clever purses, and novelty candles.

Christine's Gourmet toffee.

Christine’s Gourmet Toffee–these creamy candies are made in their home state with Wisconsin butter by a chef named Leanne, not Christine.  Go figure. (It’s actually a lovely story, which you can read on their site.)

Onsen Skincare—the rep must have known that I’ve been manicure-obsessed my whole life, because they were gifting nail care kits with products derived from Japanese hot springs minerals.

Piggy Pillows–as I’m writing this, I just finally got the name!  “Piggy,” as in “this little piggy went to market.” Because they’re cushions for sandals, which I can’t wait to try after all this Emmys suite-ing.

Reflect It Apparel—when I saw the product moniker,I erroneously thought these tank tops had reflector tape on them! Rather, they feature motivational messages on the front, which I’m sure most of us can use.

Next week, I’ll tell you about the last Emmys Suite and a special beauty treatment I had to get ready for it all.


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