The American Music Awards fall in November, which is one of my busiest months of the year, so I had time for only one gifting suite celebrating them. And which better than GBK? None, so here are the highlights:

Soulja Boy, (in the middle,) with some members of his posse. All photos by Karen Salkin.

First of all, I love that even though it was in the familiar, comfortable SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, this one had such a different vibe because it was mostly music business peeps. For example, I walked in right behind Soulja Boy and his posse. Trust me, that doesn’t happen at the suites for the Oscars. I loved it! I just followed behind them and was chillin’ for the rest of the afternoon, if you get my drift.

It was a cool, dark day out, so I especially loved that the food, catered by the hotel, had a lazy afternoon tea feel to it. It was all so wonderful! There were perfect-sized tea sandwiches, including peanut butter and banana, chicken salad, and lobster ones(!), and bite-sized treats like scones, pumpkin pies, and a crockenbush of cream-filled balls. All so yummy!

The sponsors were all very laid-back as well, which may have to do with the specialty cocktails some companies were serving. As most of you know, I don’t drink, but maybe I’ll feature them down the line, when I can have some of my reviewers try them out.

Here are some of my favorite gifts at GBK; I love the combo of old reliables and new discoveries:

My Pillow—judging by the fact that Mr. X slept for well over twelve hours the first night that he used this pillow, (he really needed it!,) I tend to think that all their wonderful claims are true! I’m just hoping that he’ll let me have a turn with it sometime soon, since I’m even more sleep-deprived than he is!

SGP Technology Cases—this company was a welcome addition to the suite. They were featuring attractive leather cases for iPhones and iPad, the latter of which I am a proud owner since an earlier round of suites. But the item I went the most nuts over was a clever stylus for the iPad! It makes working on it so much easier and plugs right into the corner of the tablet. And, in addition to other colors, SGP had what I call “Sleeping Beauty’s Dress” shades, powder blue and baby girl pink (my descriptions, not theirs,) which make my mouth water. And make me like technology better than I did before.

NYX Cosmetics—when I was in New York recently, I saw a girl with excellent sparkly eyeshadow, which I always covet. It turned-out to be from this company, and I had to work hard to track it down. I had to go to New Jersey for it! And even then, the store had only the wrong product. But I still wound-up buying three of them! So, when I entered the suite and saw them there, I headed right over and had the beautiful and pleasant Mandy refresh my make-up. They still didn’t have the sparkles I was looking for, but the rest of the products looked really fun. If I ever get to try them for myself, I’ll give you guys the scoops then.

Revitalash—boy, was I happy to see these guys again! I knew that I would be getting false eyelashes (the kind that stay on for a few weeks) at another event that week-end, and I needed to have some Revitalash handy for when I take them off…and my real lashes come with them! I need Revitalash to grow my real ones back, which is what it does. And, with their new formula, it happens even more quickly than before! Yay!

Priceco Tattoo Sleeves—I love this clever company! I eschew real tattoos, so these sleeves are perfect for fun temporary ones. They look really authentic, too! I should have put some on right at the suite, so I could have blended in with the music artists! Or better yet, worn their Prison Break shirt that gives you the same full-body tatted-up look as the lead character on that show had. So brilliant! (I just thought of this—maybe all those rappers are really wearing Tattoo Sleeves to begin with! Wouldn’t that be a riot?!)

The IndiExhibit—one of my perennial GBK favorites, this group of artists gifted boxes of goodies once again. They basically feature something for all artistic sensibilities. This box surprised with a perfect afternoon tea hat! I wish I had opened the box at the suite, so I could have been appropriately-chapeau-ed for the fare they were serving.

In addition to the food served by the hotel, there were two fun new companies that you should know about, which I hope to feature in my foodie extravaganza early next year, with the big reviews of them.

Polkatots Cupcakes—these adorable cupcakes were presented almost too attractively to eat! The individual gift boxes were so pretty. And this clever company is known best for their big, easy-to-pull-apart cakes that are made up of all cupcakes! I kept picturing my face on the top of one of them. In every way.

Sushi Popper—I don’t eat sushi myself, but even I recognized how innovative this product is! It’s basically sushi on a stick, but it’s oh so much more than that. Check back in January to see if I have the deets on them, once I have others try them out.

As usual, GBK also featured several charities. This time, we learned about Cuddly Bags, ( Drawing Hope International, ( and Art of Peace Charitable Trust. (



  1. Annette Rochelle Aben on

    I am honored that you highlighed the indiExhibit as my art was in the gift bags… We are a special group of talent and it makes our day to bring a smile to someone’s face.

  2. Hi Karen-

    Thanks for the nice mention :) Glad to hear we are one of your favorites. It was nice chatting with you at the GL. So glad that you liked your goodies! Look forward to seeing you again.


  3. Thank you for including the IndiExhibit in your write up. I too am one of the members, so it is always nice to hear good things about us :).

    Om Shanti,
    Designs by Hafapea

  4. HI Karen! Thank you so much for the nice write up on indiExhibit I’m so happy you love the tea hat! I cant wait to to design your very own !

    Cherie Kollee
    @girlybaby,bows,bands,tutus for babies and kids!

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