I’m so glad that Jury Duty delayed the publishing of my write-up of Debbie Durkin’s Eco Lounge until now because I get to include the absolutely most unbelievable gift ever given at a suite anywhere–an iPad(!), courtesy of JR Entertainment Consulting, one of the sponsors of the event. They’re considered “insurance broker to the stars,” because they provide speciality insurance coverages to the entertainment industry, professional athletes, and their corresponding businesses.

Of course, an iPad, especially this top-of-the-line one, is way too big an item to gift to everyone, so they raffled it off. (I think they told me that they were actually raffling a few of them, but I’m not sure exactly what I heard over the hub-bub of the suite.)

Guests chilling on the grounds of Debbie Durkin's Eco Lounge. All photos by Karen Salkin.

I swear, I never win anything. (Well, not since I was ten and won FiFi, a giant orange stuffed poodle, at the Bucks County, Pennsylvania Fireman’s Carnival. Actually, I was just as thrilled then as I am over my iPad win! And FiFi is still in my room in Brooklyn, as beautiful as ever!) But I had a good feeling when I handed in my entry to the JR rep. Back at home, I kept telling Mr. X to leave me alone about getting a laptop for my New York trips because “I think I’m going to win an iPad.” I never have confidence like that! And this time, it paid-off! I felt like Hines Ward, visualizing his win on Dancing With The Stars. Maybe I should now use my new skill to visualize a successful return to my neglected acting career! (Don’t ask.)

So, trust me, if ever I need professional insurance, (from my mouth to God’s ears that I’ll have a project going that requires it,) I’ll be turning to JR Entertainment Consulting. And I’ll find their info on my new iPad!

As for the rest of Debbie Durkin’s beautiful event, I was happy to see that it returned to the scene of one of her previous suites—a stunning private estate in Hancock Park. The weather was perfect for the outdoor location, and the assemblage definitely enjoyed the fresh air and beautiful atmosphere.

This event was as much about “green” food, provided by Chef Stacie Rauch of The Personal Palette, and lovely live acoustic musical performances, as it was about gifts. But, as always, I had some favorites, so let’s get to them.

R.E.U.S.E. JEANS—how did REUSE know that I needed some new hip jeans right about now? I had gotten away from wearing them for the past couple of years, and had just been wondering why that was the case. And then I spotted this table with all fabulous jeans in different styles, including some of the newer wide-leg ones. I went with one of those pairs, although I was truly tempted by their shorts that some of the reps of the company were rocking. But then I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to foist my oh-so-white legs on the public until I get a spray tan, so I went with long legs. Even better than the great look and fit of REUSE Jeans is that they’re all made from 80% re-cycled denim! That’s why they were featured at this eco lounge, and why it makes me extra-happy to be wearing them.

GOORIN HATS—I’ve seen these nifty chapeaus around town before. They have so many styles that I had a hard time deciding which to choose. I spotted a basic, blue, almost denim-color cap that I figure Mr. X and I can share, since it has no logo on it. I hate advertising for companies, so I have a feeling that it will be my new go-to cap. But if he needs it to krump, I’ll be happy to share.

HAI MP3 STYLING IRON—this is so amusing and clever—it’s a flat-iron that plays your favorite tunes while you style! I love it because—okay, this involves something Mr. X probably doesn’t want you all to know—he often flat-irons my hair! He complains about doing it, but he’s the best at it, and I don’t have time to go to a hair place all the time, and I can’t reach the back myself because it’s so long. So, if he wants me to look good, tag–he’s it! But he always wears headphones because he can’t be without his precious music ever. (Also, because he doesn’t want to hear me yapping while he’s doing me this huge favor. He once told me, “Kah, I’m not really your hairdresser. I don’t want to hear about your problems with your pals.” Now, with the new Hai MP3 iron, we can both be happy about getting my hair, and my life, straight!

ATHENA’S CUP—when I got around the gift table loop on the lush lawn of the estate, (to what would be the Bradley Terminal position at LAX,) I saw a giant wall of colorful bras! It looked like the mirror in my bedroom after a wild week-end with Mr. X! (Just joking—maybe.) I had to go right over and see what it was about. Turns-out, they’re for a super-worthwhile project, Athena’s Cup, in the fight against breast cancer. They’re asking the public to send-in their old bras (and new ones, too, I believe,) to hook together to create a world record bra-chain. Some celebs signed theirs to be auctioned-off. I really heavily suggest that you visit their site to learn more, and send yours right over to them. I was happy to learn that the company is headquartered in Rhode Island, my favorite state, so I’ll be dropping my own bras off there in the Fall, while picking-up some fresh-baked apple pies for my little mother. What a fun and productive trip that will be!

So, finally, that’s it for my MTV Movie Awards Gifting Suites coverage. Whew! I have to go rest-up now for the Emmys ones that will be here sooner than I’ll be prepared for. But, at least I can keep track of all of them on my new iPad. Thanks, JR Entertainment Consulting. And Debbie Durkin, too, of course!



  1. Yvonne Larson | The NECK Work Expert on

    Karen, YOU ENTERED MY drawing for the exclusive Pre MTV Movie Awards ECO Lounge Luxury Prize From Absolute Vital Care Bodyworks…. a PamperMe Party™ for YOU & FIVE of your friends.

    Cheers from YVONNE

    You were WONDERFUL to work with!

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