[Note: I’m thrilled that my broken ribs healed enough for me to able to make it out to five gifting suites that celebrated this year’s Emmys.  Of course, my contributing writers made it possible, by doing all the heavy lifting, for which I really thank them.  As usual, each suite gets its own write-up because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item or celebrity I’m telling you about.  So, please make sure to look at the previous one, and the following ones, as well, to learn about all the fabulous-ness.  I’m going in order of my visits this time, and this is the second of five.  My Contributing Writer on this one is Nikki D’Amico, who loved the whole event so much that I just spent much of my writing time deleting her multiple exclamation points!  Her comments are the ones attributed to her by name, and also the ones in quotes.]

Every repeat guest of Doris’ was happy to see this luxe event return to the Fig & Olive restaurant in West Hollywood.  And the newbies were thrilled to discover it. Nikki had never been there before, and said it was “beautiful!  So bright and airy inside. The atmosphere was perfect!”

The wonderful Travis Wall.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

The wonderful Travis Wall. Photo by Karen Salkin.

As always, Doris hosted many real celebs.  I was happy to have an extra enjoyable lunch there with with my old pal, Elliott Gould, who I’m proud to say was the absolute biggest hit with all the sponsors.  And I was especially thrilled to meet choreographer supreme, Travis Wall, who had just won an Emmy the week before! OMG! Also in attendance were: the uber-handsome Esai Morales, (with whom we spent a lot of time, including hearing him speak Farsi with one of my pals,); Emmy nominee for Scandal, Khandi Alexander, (who had just become my New Best Friend earlier that week); Eric Roberts (who’s actually my newfound cousin-in-law,); inspirational show biz couple Joe Bologna and Renee Taylor; and Doris Roberts.

But the best news of the day came from my New Best Friend of the past year, the adorable Jason Ritter.  He told me that he had quit smoking!!!  I had bugged him about it last time we hung-out, and I gingerly asked him again this time, when he gave me the great news.  You go, boy!  Happiest news of the year!

The gorgeous flatbreads. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The gorgeous flatbreads. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Doris’ generosity means that the food is always plentiful, and served for many hours.  Because of all that, I saved the gift-gathering for after lunch, when the food gave me the strength for that exhausting-yet-fabulous activity.  To begin the day, the amiable staff passed trays of the Fig & Olive signature flatbreads.  Nikki exclaimed, “All the flatbreads were amazing!  I would have been happy with just a tray of those for lunch.  Especially the olive and goat cheese one!”  She deemed the lunch buffet food to be “scrumptious!,” and added, “The Moroccan chicken, (with apricots and vegetables) was really tasty and tender, and the couscous yummy.  I adored the Caesar salad.  I never, ever get seconds, but I did this time, and could have gone back three times more!”  I just couldn’t stop devouring the penne pasta with perfectly grilled shrimp.

Okay, let’s get to the wonderful, and varied, gifts already:

Photo by Nikki D'Amico.

Photo by Nikki D’Amico.

Twiistii Hair Accessories–I was already a fan of these unique fashion accessories, so I just knew they would be a hit with the show biz crowd.  They look so adorable on the designer, Yvonne Jianne, who’s the perfect advertisement for them.  A Twiistii is made of colorful, twistable, material that you can wrap around your hair in several ways, and can even wear around your neck!  Every girl, no matter age or habits, has to have one!  Or ten!  They come in so many different colors and designs, (including your favorite sports team’s logo,) that there’s at least one for everybody. This is one item where one size definitely fits all.  Nikki loves that you “can twist it all different ways, including using it as a necklace, and they look adorable on everyone.”

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Pursecase–This is one product I love everything about!  What’s extra-exciting to me is that I’ve seen it come to fruition from the start.  The very first thing I noticed when I met young company honcho, Kelley Weaver, (other than how cute and sweet she is,) was her adorable cell phone cover!  It was a fledgling Pursecase.  And I’ve watched her tiny company grow to a big one from there.  I’m so proud of her!  Not only are Pursecases adorbs, but they’re functional; in the easy-to-carry case is space for credit and business cards, and cash, too.  I love them!  The first thing Nikki said when she saw them here is, “Darling idea!”  She breaks it down for you: “It’s a phone case that looks like a tiny purse.  And it comes with a gold chain strap. Very convenient!”

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Twisted  Silver—All day, we noticed that every female at the party was rocking a fabulous long chain with a brass locket at the end. We couldn’t imagine what was going on, until we got over to this popular sponsor, that is!  All the women were receiving one.  They call it “The Locket,” even though it doesn’t open. I asked why it doesn’t, and the rep answered, “Remember—we’re Twisted!” Cute. Nikki, my absolute jewelry expert, loved everything on that table.  She described it all as “beautifully-crafted, three different kinds of metal, funky, fun, and unique jewelry.” She added, “My favorite item of the day was one of their chunky silver link bracelets with a toggle! Love it!” We spent a lot of time chatting with designer Debra Mitchell, who Nikki deemed “so lovely and genuine!”

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Radar Watches—Nikki kept begging to get a closer look at these “very hip and current over-sized fashion watches!”  She “loved that they come in every color you can imagine!”  I’ve known, and been a fan, of Radar for several years now, and I swear, they keep coming up with colors and designs I’ve never seen before!  I don’t know how they do it!  But I’m glad they do!

My Dog Nose It–Nikki, who’s nuts for her own shitzu-poodle, Romeo, loved finding this sun protection for dogs.  She exclaimed, “Who knew?!,”  and then stated, “I applaud the founder for thinking-up such a wonderful product for animal noses!”

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

My Saint, My Hero–I’ve been a fan of this company that’s a staple of Doris’ events for some time now, but I never saw ones for men before.  I noticed that the ones the male celebs were rocking at this event were especially attractive!  When Mr. X saw the pictures of them, he said even he would wear one!!!  That was a first because he’s far from a jewelry guy.  Now I can’t wait till next time to choose one for him.  Nikki was new to the brand and loved their name, and that of their new Serenity bracelet, which is a silver metallic braided wrist band with a silver Saint medal in the middle.  She said it would be “really fun to stack it with their other bracelets,” but that it’s “just as good by itself.”

Photo by Nikki D'Amico.

Photo by Nikki D’Amico.

Telic Footwear–Everyone was clamoring for these uber-comfortable rubber-y thongs!  Nikki said they feel “really cushioning,” and are “perfect for pedicures!”  I think they’re perfect for walking on air!  And the yummy colors, like Aqua Lagoon and Pink Flamingo, are so attractive that you don’t even need to add the colorful little auxiliary “jewels” you can get for them, but they are totally adorbs!

Color Wow–Nikki, who had seen this product on TV, said, “‘Wow’ is right!”  It’s powder that you use to cover gray roots.  The rep did a demo for us on a woman there, and we saw that it “really works,” and “is so easy to apply.”  I can’t imagine ever having that much gray hair, and hope I never do, (knock on wood,) but it’s comforting to know there’s something that works if ever I do need it.  (Bite my tongue.)  But it’s effective on just a drop of the dreaded color, too!

I was so happy to introduce Elliott Gould to Art Lewin.  And Art was even happier to meet him!  Photo by Karen Salkin.

I was so happy to introduce Elliott Gould to Art Lewin. And Art was even happier to meet him! Photo by Karen Salkin.

Art Lewin Bespoke Executive Clothiers—This time, Art was gifting “gorgeous men’s silk ties” which Nikki said “are really rich-looking, and very elegant.”  I know that some of the males in attendance are looking forward to have Art create a suit for them for the next event. Now, if only he can design a shirt that will button over my chest, I’ll love him for life!

Model in a Bottle–Nikki, who’s a wonderful actress (when she’s not working with me!,) was thrilled to discover this make-up setting spray (that the rest of us already know about!,) which “does not feel sticky on your face!”  She tried it out, and said it’s “great!”  (I’m sure it will come in handy while she’s performing her starring role in Always…Patsy Cline right now, which has just been extended again at the Sierra Madre Playhouse.)

Karen Salkin rocking a Kaya di Koko design, with Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell.  Notice their TS long lockets.  Photo by Nikki D'Amico.

Karen Salkin rocking a Kaya di Koko design, with Twisted Silver designer, Debra Mitchell. Notice their TS long lockets. Photo by Nikki D’Amico.

Kaya Di Koko, Single Dress—Prior to this event, Nikki had seen these “very pretty designs” on only me.  She said they all appear to be “soft and feminine.”  I’m always a fan of their cute dresses (I was even wearing one that day!,) while Nikki checked-out their floral tops, which she said are “great for jeans, or dressed-up with slacks.”

Personal Touch Lingerie–This company was taking the guests’ measurements right on-site, in an effort to choose the right bra for them.  (Not for the men, though some of them did need one!  Just sayin’.)  Nikki said they (the bras, not the men,) were “fantastic-fitting, very well-made, and comfortable.  And sexy!”

Karen Salkin signing the Wednesday's Child Celebrity Poster, after donating some gifts to the cause. Photo by Nikki D'Amico.

Karen Salkin signing the Wednesday’s Child Celebrity Poster, after donating some gifts to the cause. Photo by Nikki D’Amico.

Spongelle—Nikki enjoyed the “Pretty presentation,” of these sponges that are “infused with an aromatic body wash.”

As always, Doris’ very worthy charity of choice was Wednesday’s Child, whose purpose is to make sure older children get adopted.  All her guests are asked to bring gifts for the teens in the program, and the kind, caring ones complied.  As usual, my gang brought several because we know that it’s better to give than receive.  I’m just hoping that, despite all those wonderful gifts being bestowed on us there, every single guest felt the same way!



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