[Note: each Oscars Suite gets its own column because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back several times (and look at the past few posts) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the third of six.]

Wow Creations Oscars Suite was a really fun. It was new to me, even though they’ve been around quite awhile. I was happy to finally discover them.

This was a no muss, no fuss suite–everyone mingled, no one had handlers, the sponsors were happy to gift everyone, and all were happy. The vibe was set by wonderful DJ Runaway from No DJ No Party who was even taking requests! And the music was the perfect volume.

Here are the highlights of the gifts:

All photos by Karen Salkin.

Indi Exhibit–I was so happy to see one of my all-time favorite sponsors as soon as I walked in! You couldn’t miss the organizer of this artist collective, Shannon Justice, in her peacock “wings” and fascinator, which were designed by one of the others in the group. Their generous good-bags are always special, and they give each one of their members a turn at being featured. I especially loved the Sublime Dragonfly handmade cupcake candles, complete in a pink bakery box! [Note: as soon as I have time, hopefully next month, I’ll tell you all about a special group of gifts they recently sent me to lift my spirits. I’m still verklempt over a couple of them that pertained to Clarence and my mother.]

BeautiControl—the girls at this table were so kind; they knew my back was bad so they not only let me sit down to get a wonderful hand treatment from them with their Sugar & Spice Instant Manicure, they tried to figure out where to put my goodie bags so that I wouldn’t have to carry them! Thanks, Yahrasiel!

Baby Butz Creme—developed by a mother who really knows how badly this product is needed. It also helps other conditions, in addition to diaper rash, so even non-parents should check it out.

Mary Louise Butters Brownies—this company has the most interesting ingredients in their brownies—everything from nuts to liqueurs to spices to roses! And the pink and brown pull-out gift box is so beautiful that I use an old one of mine as a jewelry box!

Glo To Sleep—this night mask has a special technology inside it that helps re-train your brain to relax so you can finally sleep, which Mr. X and I sorely need to do. If it works at my house in Brooklyn, where I can’t imagine I’ll be relaxed next month, I’ll be so grateful!

Brincatti Travel Kit—this TSA-approved travel kit has a brilliant twist—the containers are wide-mouthed! So, it’s easy to pour your liquids into them. And there are labels, too, so you’ll never wash your hair with conditioner by mistake ever again.

B. Foxy Jewelry—the items on this table were aptly named because they will make any outfit “be foxy.” Guess which ring in the picture on the right I wore to the Oscar party at the Four Seasons Hotel that night?

Sweteez Towels—these antimicrobial gym towels are a Godsend for germaphobes such as I! They’re treated with a silicon-based protectant that inhibits germs, including MRSA and staph, two strains I’m extra paranoid about. And the towels have pockets, so that you can have your hands free while you work-out. Or just have them free for flirting purposes. You are at the gym, after all.

C-Zen Travel Pillows–with my upcoming cross-country flight, in one of my rare trips in coach, this is the gift I was happiest to receive, let me tell you! It looks so comfy, and can be used in many different positions. I hope one of those is the fetal that I’ll be working on the plane!

Hollywood Eye Magic—this serum instantly erases eye bags and dark circles. I used mine on Oscar day, after three nights in a row of no sleep, and no one could tell that I was practically sleep-walking!

Big Feet Pjs—while all the guests mouths were watering for these cozy footed pajamas for grown-ups, they were smart to give-out gift certificates instead, so none of us had to carry them around. The only problem is deciding which colorful ones on their site to choose!

Iso Beauty—I can’t wait to try their mini flat iron. If it works on my hair that I’ve been told by stylists is enough for ten people, I’ll let you know when I get back from a month in New York.

Visible Treasures Jewelry—there were so many lovely silver pieces on this table that I went crazy trying to choose. Luckily, I saw a pair of earrings that went perfectly with my outfit for the Oscars party that night, so I went with them.

Grab ‘N Pour—I had seen these colorful handles for two liter bottles elsewhere, but had never tried them before this suite. They’re so easy to use and colorful enough to add to a party.



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    It was a pleasure to meet you Karen! Thank you for the honor of having Visible Treasures covered as part of your Oscar Gift Suite review, it is very much appreciated. Cheers, Sharon.

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