My favorite thing about the Secret Room Suites is that they always feature so many cool new products! I can’t imagine where they find all of them, but I’m glad they do!

I was seriously going to have to pass on going to their recent one for the Golden Globes because my broken back just won’t let me carry all the great gifts anymore, and we weren’t invited with a guest this time (I think because it’s gotten so popular, there just isn’t room,) but I just didn’t want to miss out on what I knew would be great findings at this suite. So, with lots of clever brain-storming help, we figured out how I could attend, yet spare my back. (Thank you so much to the people who helped me with that!) And I’m so glad I did because all but one item was new to me. And you know I love passing these discoveries on to you!

I was especially struck by all the clever presentations at this suite. Everything was colorful and neat and fun. These sponsors have to think of everything, right down to which kind-of bag to put the gifts themselves in! I really appreciate all the effort, and I just hope that the other recipients do, as well.

I usually give you just the highlights of each suite, but this was a suite full of highlights!!! So please check them all out:

Vita Liberata Self-Tanners—who needs a tan more than the Brits? This attractive self-tanning line is here to help them, and us across the pond here, look our best and healthiest. If it works in the UK, you know it’s good to go in the States, as well! Their rep at the suite was an adorable girl, who I’d be happy to look like. So, I better get started on my self-tan right away. And about twenty years ago!

Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills—this is the one company I’ve seen before, and was happy to see again! They have stunning skin care products, in all categories, including brightening, soothing, anti-aging—you name it, they have it! Facial skin is the first thing people see about you, (except in my case, it’s always my then thousand pounds of hair,) so why not have it be its best? This group of serums, etc. should do the trick.

Born 4 Couture—this adorable children’s clothing is designed by a super-young-looking mom of four, as a tribute to one of her young ‘uns who struggled to come into this world, and is thriving five years later. It’s a happy story to match the happy attire!

OSiS by Schwarzkopf Professional—since my hair is the main good thing about me, finding products to keep it looking healthy and luxurious is one of my raisons d’être. And this hair care company has so many items to choose from! I’ve long used their pro hair color (or rather, my stylists have,) so I can’t wait to try everything else they make.

Skin Fix Inc.–this was one of the most genius-y presentations I’ve seen a long time. This Canadian skin care company makes products for every skin situation imaginable, most that never even crossed my mind! They have ones for diaper rash and tattoo soothing, normal needs like lip balm, and even pooch paste! But the most intriguing one is a cream for incontinence-created rashes which also helps with bed sores!!! Very kind of them to think of that one. And they presented the line in gift boxes that had something for everyone! So clever. And needed by so many!

Shoosha Truly Organic—this company makes organic baby skin care products, because, as their lovely rep explained to me, their needs are truly different than ours. They generously gifted just about every product from their baby line, including some to help mothers restore their own skin to pre-pregnancy fabulous-ness!

Argo Pet Carriers—I wish this company had been around when my beloved Clarence was! Then he could have traveled in style in these colorful, TSA-approved carriers. I swear, these bags made me want to get another dog!

Dressed N-Case—this is brilliant, and perhaps the only gift I used immediately! It’s a little bag that turns into an easy-to-don dress!!! It reminded me of the summer day that I went on what I thought was just a basic trip up the mountain in Aspen, but was really a wedding; I had to turn my big sweatshirt into a dress on the spot! (Don’t ask.) If only I had been carrying one of these as my purse! [Note: just be careful on size; I’m a size 6, but the girls at the table gave me a medium. After excitedly wearing it at the suite, over my shirt and leggings, (because it also provides a pocket, which I needed there,) I noticed that the back was swimming on me. I definitely should have gone with a small. Now I, sadly, have to find a chubby pal to give mine to. And this is one gift I really wanted for myself! Shame. But the recipient will be happy! Except for that I called her chubby!]

Betty Boop Products—who doesn’t love Betty Boop??? I almost tripped over myself to get to this booth before they ran out of the temptress-themed gifts! I’m glad to see she’s still going strong after eighty-three years!!! We should all look so good at her age. (Duh!)

Eternna Cosmetics—if my skin comes out looking as fabulous as that of the adorable guy who reps these skin care products, I’ll be in luck! I better get started right now!

Pet Health Labs–they gifted liquid supplements for the joint health of dogs. Since Mr. X sometimes refers to himself as my “dog,” (and not in a good way,) I wonder if it would also work on his krump dancing-damaged knees!

Swisse Vitamins—these fun Aussies gave-out attractive gift bags containing several items from their multi-faceted vitamin line. I just wish I didn’t have to share my Sleep ones with Mr. X, but, since we both have insomnia, of course I will. I found-out afterwards that they also make ones to help people get in a positive mood; there are way too many people I want to send those to!!! Hint: if you know me personally and are reading this, I might be talking to you!

Blinc Eye Cosmetics—just that morning, as I was doing my make-up, I was wondering if anyone was going to come out with a new mascara soon! No lie. I couldn’t figure out why that had popped into my head, until I saw Blinc mascara as I walked into the suite. I guess my psychic-ness was operating that day. Not only do they have mascara, but brow mousse, too, which you know I can’t wait to try, and lid primer. Thanks goodness I didn’t “blinc” and miss these gifts! (So goony, I know.)

Lita Sea Glass Jewelry—Carla, the designer, finds some of her best sea glass for her mouth-watering blue and green jewelry in a secret spot in my precious Rhode Island!!! No wonder it’s all so beautiful!

SnoozeShade—on the day that that awful portrait of their duchess came out, (you can read my thoughts on that topic here:,) a lovely couple from England was gifting their clever shades to protect babies from the sun. Right now, they have ones for strollers, but very soon, they’re launching ones for baby seats and carriers, that looked just bloody good, as they might say!

Prodermagenix—I was told this serum is like Botox without the needles! Since I would never volunteer to have that poison injected into any part of me, I’m happily willing to give this product a try.

The Finest Accessories–this table was featuring every hair accessory imaginable, from designer ponytail holders to jeweled barrettes to colorful stretchy cloths to hold your hair off your face. They even had the famous Blair Waldorf headbands from Gossip

Shany Cosmetics—although this table was chock full of mouth-watering colorful cosmetics, in every category, they weren’t gifting any of those. But no worries—they had a basket with all kinds of samples, including nail polish stickers, glass nail files, eye liner pencils, and powder shadows, and we got to chose our own products. That’s my kind of gift!

Stephanie MCandrew Author /Activist—she was there to let us know that abuse of women, in any form, in definitely not okay! I hear ya, sista!

LuLu Blossom Skincare—these body lotions are made with all-natural ingredients. And I love the girly packaging!

Whew! I told you that Secret Room always has a lot to offer! Now you see why I need someone to carry for me! And perhaps carry me, as well!


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