[Note: I went to ten, count them, ten, Oscars Weeks events! Only one was a waste of time, but the other nonet were great, and each was unique. As physically-challenging to me as it all was, it was worth it to have so many wonderful stories to share with you. So, each Oscars Suite and party gets its own column, in the order of my visits to them, (with many of the celebrities being discussed in the next Celeb Sightings one,) because I want you to be able to concentrate on each and every aspect I’m telling you about. I don’t want you to miss even one second of the fun, so please make sure to check all nine days worth of stories to learn about the entirety of the fabulous-ness! This is the fourth of nine.]

[Note #2: Lila West is the Contributing Writer on this one.]

Secret Room outdid themselves with this one. Lila West, the contributor to this write-up, is a veteran of gifting suites, like I am, and was literally overwhelmed. She said she never saw so many sponsors in one place. And good ones, to boot! There wasn’t a dud in the bunch! The Terrace at Beverly Hills’ SLS Hotel was literally overflowing.

This time, Secret Room’s charity was Easter Seals. They’re known for “providing services, education, outreach, and advocacy to, and for, people living with autism and other disabilities.” It’s actually the first charity I remember my family contributing to when I was really little, and I’m proud to say we still do now.

In the celeb category, Paula Abdul walked right by me in her red-soled stilettos. And I was so happy that I got to chat with John Gatins, who wrote the Oscar-nominated screenplay for Flight. He was happy, too, because I told him that I had seen him talk after an industry screening of his film this year, and that he was the best speaker ever! But my favorite celebs at the suite were Eric Roberts and his wife, Eliza Garrett, because she and I just discovered that…we’re cousins! How’s that for a revelation?! Finally, a relative I actually like! (Outside of my little mother, of course, whom you all know I was totally nuts about.)

The Secret Room guests were happy to see a variety of beauty services at this year’s suite; unfortunately, I didn’t get to avail myself of them since I already had everything done at previous events that week, including earlier that day.

But Lila and I were thrilled to get our auras read by Headmaster Oh from Dahn Yoga. It was not really much of a surprise to see all the red and orange I had, which denotes stress. But there was no blue (inner peace) at all!!! Lila’s aura, on the other hand, was all blue. I guess that’s what makes us a great team!

There were so many wonderful gifts at this one that I have to present them in categories. Here goes:

MISCELLANEOUS (which are actually two of our favorites!)

All photos by Karen Salkin.

Biaggi—this one was like a Christmas present that says “Open me first!” I loved ever single piece of carry-on luggage that they were showing, especially the ones in beautiful muted colors like purple, blue and brown; unusual enough to identify, without calling attention to them. But colorful moi chose the bright orange pull bag because you load it from the top, (when it’s standing-up,) and I needed to pull the gifts that became too much heavy for even healthy Lila to carry for me! This Biaggi bag was truly a back-saver!

Maui Maid Teriyaki Marinade—Lila went nuts over this teriyaki sauce! They had a tasting set-up at the suite, and I thought I was going to have to drag her away from the table. It comes in Original, Onion, and Spicy; she took a bottle of that last one home and wrote this to me: “I ate it with a burger and it was amazing. Not too spicy, but definitely gave it a kick.”


Charise Noelnot only is this jewelry beautiful, but it’s thoughtful, as well. It’s all clasp-less because Charise designed her line with her mother in mind; she has trouble closing jewelry due to breast cancer. Lila admired that they’re “delicate,” and “very easy to put on. And there’s a design for every taste.”

Viva Beads—We couldn’t get over to this table full of colorful bracelets fast enough! As Lila rightly observed, I was literally licking my lips looking at them! My mouth was watering. They’re all handmade out of clay, and each design is more fun than the last. My dream is to wear a dozen at once, but then I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off myself!

Mala Collective—Their website says this mala bead jewelry “can be worn by anyone seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit.” Boy, does that describe me exactly! I wish I had known sooner that all I needed to achieve it was an attractive necklace and bracelet! Lila said of these, “I love the message and aura of the necklaces.” Ever the fashionista, she added, “They’ll look cute with a white t-shirt and jeans.”

Ronaldo Designer Jewelry, Inc.–This is serious jewelry, a rarity at gifting suites. And it was all gorgeous! Making it even better is the fact that it’s made in America, which is, sadly, another rarity these days. I was most drawn to one thin silver bracelet and found-out later it’s name is “Inner Peace.” That might be the only way I’m going to be blessed with some of that!

Verameat—We were too exhausted by this point to get to the bottom of why this hip jewelry company has “meat” in the name, but we had enough energy to admire the copper spine bangles that they were gifting, along with the rest of Vera’s attractive, quirky designs.

Candori Jewelry—this clear quartz crystal jewelry brought back such a lovely memory for me. When I was little, (and my love of shiny things began,) my mother told me that once, when she was a young woman dating, she had needed fancy jewelry for an event, and didn’t have any, nor money to buy some. So, she took down some pieces of her family’s chandelier and fashioned them into earrings! These attractive Candori pieces have that look, but without the hassle.


The Finest Accessories—Lila practically flew over to this table! She deemed them her favorite sponsors. As someone who changes up her hair-style all the time, (as opposed to boring me who’s worn my hair long and straight since puberty,) she knows a lot about hair accessories. She tried on one of their signature headbands, (she would have fit right in with Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl,) and said it was “not too tight (so no headache like many others,) and you can tell it’s good quality. It doesn’t slip off your hair.”  I told you she knows these things!

Kix’ies Thigh Highs—Not only are these new thigh highs attractive, (and built to stay up,) but each one is named after the designer’s family members or friends. Lila said she “loves the different designs. And they’re sure to look sexy with a short skirt. They’re very in right now.” I’m just waiting for the “Karen” to come out!

Gloria Del Rio—This Brazilian swimwear designer was gifting fabulous one-of-a-kind bikinis and shawls. They were so fun that she had to keep reminding the guests they’re just for show, and not to get them wet. I was surprised at just how many ladies said that’s what they do anyway!


Eminence Organic Skin Care—I’ve been a fan of this line from Hungary for years now. (I actually just had a facial elsewhere, which used their products.) I thought I had every item they make, but at this suite, I discovered their vitamins to give you firm skin!!! It’s about time someone invented those. Now we can use their products inside and out!

Lynex—Lila said that this anti-aging cream, made from organic dragon fruit extracts, is very “moisturizing, and smells great!”

Bare Love Beauty, Inc.–As excellent as this body moisturizer is, I was even more impressed with their choice of packaging colors. The blue and pink they chose is mouth-watering. You’ll see what I mean when you check-out their site.


VitaMedica—What health issue can’t this wellness company help with?! They make physician-formulated nutraceuticals to assist with everything from swelling and bruising to brain health! And I loved that the reps of the company were wearing dresses to match their packaging. Lucky for them it’s all muted blues and greens, not circus colors!

Muscle Mist–Lila also has a bad back, especially after carrying so many of my bags at several suites and events, so she was happy to try this pain spray right on the spot. She said it was a miracle. So I tried some, too, and it really helped my broken back. They just added two new fans to their base.

Crest Whitestrips—Crest was giving all the guests their new two-hour Whitestrips, which are perfect for a last minute event. I wish they’d send a bunch to some on-air personalties who don’t seem to know better!!!

There were a few sweet snacks along the way, to keep up our energy, which trust me, we needed by then! They included chocolates from Chef Rix and Chuao Chocolatier, both of which Lila, my royal taster, loved. She needed the extra boost to carry all my bags!



  1. I also had some of Maui Maid’s teriyaki sauce. Luckily I discovered this several months ago when I met the owner of the company. Both of them are amazing. Since then I have used the sauce on meals ranging from meat and chicken dishes to vegatarian. The results from my guests is always, “what did you do that makes this taste incredible”. The waiting list for my cooking is langer than ever. Go Maui.

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