I started the MTV Movie Awards week off right by attending the ultra-mellow Rockn Rolla Eco Lounge. It returned to the historic Hancock Park Estate where The Artist was filmed. That gorgeous scenery never gets old.

Just a tiny drop of what the beautiful buffet had to offer.

You know that I’m always happy when a suite feeds us, to keep up our strength for all the meeting and greeting. (I’m not kidding; an associate of mine almost fainted from the last round of events because there was no food at that company’s suite. But no worries here—Debbie Durkin always has our backs.) Whole Foods Market did the honors this time by serving us healthful, organic foods for breakfast and lunch! They constantly replenished the fare. I’ve never had such tasty turkey and chicken roll-ups before, people were fighting over the fresh homemade almond-chocolate spread, and health nuts were thrilled that there were so many vegan choices. The entire spread was perfect. And eating it outside in the beautiful surroundings was just another reason for all in attendance to be grateful for our lives here in L.A.

The charities this time were Whole Planet Foundation (,) We Rock Green Mics (,) and the Rescue Bank (

The very first thing I did was to have my wavy hair flat-ironed by Tomi Jo, who used the Jose Eber flat-iron that I use at home, too! It was great to have a professional hairstylist show me how to work best with it.

L'Arganium's table.

Now that I was camera-ready, I moved on to visiting the other sponsors, assisted by my lovely escort at this suite, Natasha. Here are the highlights of the gifts: L.A. + Jo scarves, cute summer shoes from SWYT, Minky Couture blankets for either your dog or your baby, (or, in my case, myself!,) Amella chocolate caramels, and a whole bunch of L’Arganium‘s Argan oils and lotions.

There were a ton of dog gifts as usual with this event, but, with it approaching three years without my precious Clarence, I just couldn’t pay enough attention to them this time.

There was also a make-up person doing lashes, lots of other healthful snacks (that I was too full to partake of at the time,) and two interesting services. One was Sunday Set-up, which featured even more good-for-you foods, but all I cared about was their chocolate milk!

The other was my absolute favorite gift of the day! It’s GiftSender, which is a free mobile app available for iPhone and Android phones that is the easiest way to give someone a gift card. Even a ludite such as I was able to use it on my week-old iPhone! My only decision now is just which of the very many vendors, on-line and in-store, to use it at. Why do we all have a feeling it will be at a restaurant?!

The music set-up.

Even though I was totally time-constrained that day, I just couldn’t pull myself away from this most most relaxing of events. Neither could anybody else, it seemed. We all sat around the massive garden and listened to the dulcet tones coming from the many excellent musicians who serenaded us throughout the day. If I hadn’t had to get back to the office to write this, I might still be there! And very happy about it.


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