[Note: each MTV Movie Awards Suite gets its own column, in the order that I visited them, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to look at the past few posts to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the fifth, and therefore last, of five.]

We decided to close-out the crazy suites week with the always relaxing one from Debbie Durkin. It was held once again on the private estate in Hancock Park where the Oscar-winning film The Artist was filmed, and featured live music, food, and fun.

The view of the action from outside. All photos by Karen Salkin.

It was exciting just to walk onto the property! It’s so impressive, even from afar. And once there, we loved our escort for the day, Jodi Burnett from Salt Lake City. She could not have been kinder or more conscientious.

Here are the highlights of the gifts, followed by two extra perks of this event:

Dominic Diselle–Okay, I hate giving away any female beauty secrets to you males out there, but I must, in able to laud this company’s wares. Every girl should know enough to remove any semblance of a ‘stache, and how to do it is always a conundrum. But this natural growth inhibitor system solves it all with an easy-to-use kit that is touted to combine the results of electrolysis and the ease of removal cream. And it comes in a lovely gift box, to boot!

House of Minerva–I’ve been a fan of these handmade wearables for awhile now. In addition to the adorable aprons I love, there are dresses for little girls, cosmetics bags, scarves, etc. For this MTV event, they even made guitar straps!!! Clever, eh?

Dirtee Hollywood Clothing—one of my favorite hoodies is from this company, so I was happy to see them again. Each item they gift is unique, which is great so we gals around town don’t have to suffer the humiliation of seeing our attire on everyone else! In Hollywood, that’s considered a shonda!

The new bag is on the left and my own long-time dress is on the right. I told you!

Vine Street Market USA Bags—these cheery striped canvas bags, that fold up into their own little pouch, just called out to us. The teal one exactly matches a dress I bought when I lived in Malta, and I had just found it again in my house, the day before I happened upon these bags. What an ensemble I have now!

House of Marley Earbuds—they were featuring in-ear “headphones” from their Jammin Collection. I thought I could hear Bob Marley just by holding them in my hand!

Svala Lingerie—they were gifting little flowered thongs that were a combination of sweet and sexy.

South of the Border Catering—you all know by now that I love a suite that feeds us; we need strength for all the gift gathering! Chef Len was here once again to serve-up an all-American BBQ. We arrived pretty late in the day, but the food was just as tasty as when I’ve been the first one in line. Props to them for that!

Absolute Vital Body Works–my assistant, who was carrying the heavy gift bags all day, (not because I’m spoiled, but rather due to my broken back,) was absolutely thrilled to get a mini massage from neck work expert Yvonne Larson. What a perfect way to end the incredibly hectic day that was filled with three suites!

The charities were once again YES! Beat Liver Tumors (, and Music Saves Lives, who sponsored wonderful musical performances all day. (


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