This suite was just perfect for the teen actors it was geared towards.  And for me, too!  Each gift was the perfect size for us!   That was the case for the teens because one would assume they don’t have whole houses to fill up yet, and for me because Mr. X was thrilled that I wasn’t cluttering up the house with big items while I inspect them to write about.  It was all just great.  They had something for everyone.

All photos by Karen Salkin.

And I loved that their charity this time is one that speaks to teens; To Write Love On Her Arms is an organization that helps people find help, and hope, if they’re struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, or thoughts of suicide.  It’s for everyone, not just teens, but we do seem to hear about teen problems in this area quite often.

Before we get to the gifts, I want to give a big shout-out to my associate Shaz, who saved the day by stepping in at the last minute to drive me and carry my bags.  And, since she’s a bit closer to being a teen than I am, (although not in spirit…nor in my mind,) I’m including some of her observations.

Now, let’s get to the highlights of the most fun items, for all ages:

Essence Cosmetics–in a sea of beautiful gifts, it takes a lot to catch my eye right off the bat.  But, as soon as we walked in, my mouth watered when I saw the Essence Cosmetics display.  There are so many different make-ups in this ultra-affordable line, which I heard is big in Europe.  I can’t wait to play with it all, but Shaz already used the glitter polish and said it’s the best glitter polish that she’s ever tried and that “it goes on smooth with an even amount of glitter.” which she was impressed with. And I loved that the nail polish bottle tops match the polishes, which makes it so much easier to spot in a crowded polish zone.  (Which, of course, as the supreme girly-girl, I have in my house.)  And I love their website!  It looks like the inside of my soul, actually.  So check it out.

Note the blue frames on the bottom left.

Geek Eyewear–I was happy to see this hip eyeglass company at the Red Carpet Suite once again.  This time, we got to choose a colored frame, if we liked.  So, what’s a blue-eyed girl to do?  Stick with my go-to black or get bold and choose blue, to match my eyes?  The latter of course!  Hopefully, that way, no one will concentrate on the rest of my face!

Doggie Dental Aid–I sure wish that we had known about this product a few years ago.  The hardest thing for us to do to Clarence, The Singing Dog, was bring him in for teeth cleaning.  We hated doing it, but it’s a necessity.  Dogs’ teeth need flossing as much as ours do, but I would have had no idea how to get that done.  Now with this tool, and some floss, it’s much easier to care for your precious pup’s dental health, which is so important.  (Hey, do dogs have all canine teeth??? Just wondering.)

Nuwati Herbals Herbal Tea–This natural remedy for clearing out the sinuses works better than even the creator of it knows.  I carry it around, just in case, and I feel that it’s actually warding off the germs!  Trust me.  I brought it to New York this year, where the stress level of what I was going through there was the highest ever, and it turned-out to be one of the very few times that I didn’t get even a cold sore from what I was dealing with!  I think the germs knew what they would have had to deal with, in the form of the healing tea, if they appeared.  (In case you used to watch my show, you may have heard me talk about a Canadian product that worked like that on me, but this one is so much more pleasant.  And American!!! So, please don’t confuse the two.)

Do Naturals–I believe this company, who’s already known for their delicious-aroma-ed baby products, launched their teen line at this very suite!  It’s all pink-packaged, and as Shaz so astutely observed, anyone who doesn’t get to smell this fresh berry fragrance is “missing out.”

The Elf On The Shelf–I love that the world of children’s literature has grown so much since I was a teacher; if we read with expression, and had fingernails that looked attractive when we turned the pages, that was enough. Now, this new classic children’s Christmas tale comes packaged with elf dolls, that come in male and female, and dark and light skin!  It’s great for children to be able to have an elf who looks something like them. Very interesting, and i’m sure appreciated, concept.

Pony Bracelet–a teen-age girl designed these colorful ponytail bands.  She had so many colors and themes that called my name that it was hard to choose just a couple. And I think they can double as elastic bracelets.

There was also a fabulous shoe company to tell you about soon, so look for that one in an upcoming Suites Follow-Up column.



  1. Nancy Seiden on

    Karen, It was great meeting you at Red Carpet Events last week. And thanks for the write up for Pony Bracelets. Yes they are hair bands that are meant to be worn on your wrist OR in your hair. They were deisgned to be worn as a trendy alternative to ponytails holders, but always ready on your wrist when you need to put your hair up!

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