I’m a kid and my choice was to go to GBK’s suite! And an excellent choice it was. This was a very fun suite for kids or the kid in you. (Though, in my case, they’re one and the same.) There were a lot of fun new items that were geared mainly towards kids and teens, which is how a suite celebrating this particular awards show should be.

GBK turned an area of the SLS Hotel on the outskirts of Beverly Hills into a colorful funland. I’ve been to many events in this ballroom, and this time, it had a whole different vibe.

One of the best features was a classy, yet easy, buffet catered by the hotel. One gets really hungry having such a good time, and these healthful tidbits, (hummus and pita, prosciutto on toast, truffled mushrooms, sweet potato chips, chocolate crunchies,) hit the spot. Making the food even better was the super-kind waiter, who went in the back to work before I could get his name. I’m still working on it, though, and I hope he’s there every time I am!

Once again, GBK will donate some of the proceeds to the American Red Cross, only this time it will benefit Japan Relief Effort.

The reason this write-up has taken a few weeks to publish is that, as usual, I’m waiting for some of the bigger items, that I just couldn’t carry by myself, to arrive. But, I don’t want to prolong sharing the fun with you, so, also as usual, I’ll tell you about the late arrivals in a near-future column. And one of the smaller-yet-fabulous items, handmade bracelets from Costa Rica, will be one of my first featured give-aways, so keep an eye out for that. Enjoy all the following for now:

THE INDI EXHIBIT–I love this group of artisans who come together to support each other. Some of the colorful items were received are creative pendants, note cards, and even personalized puzzles. It’s a one-stop shopping place. You might want to keep that in mind for Mother’s Day, which is coming up sooner than you may realize.

FINE FEATHERHEAD HAIR FEATHERS–all the girls at the suite were wearing these slim, sleek feathers in their hair. They come in a variety of colors, and stay put in your hair until you take them out.

BROADWAY NAILS–they were featuring glue-on nails in bright pink and leopard. Just my style. I saw Chelsea Kane wearing what looked to be the latter on the next week’s Dancing With The Stars, so I knew they were cool.

MAXIMUM LASH–this new lash conditioner is packaged in cool, classy, silver and lavender, so we’ll be very happy to apply it even in public.

GOGO’S CRAZY BONES–move over, Pokemon–Crazy Bones are becoming the new craze, and I can see why. These tiny figurines are just adorable and are perfect for collecting and trading with you pals. There are so many that I don’t have a favorite yet, but, since they each have their own “personality” and “special ability,” I’ll figure it out soon. A young friend recently asked me, “If you could have one super-power, what would it be?” I chose being able to be somewhere in a second, so if one of my Crazy Bones has that ability, that’ll be my guy. But for now, I enjoy seeing them all. (And, interestingly, the girls who manned the booth at the suite were as petit and cute as the figurines!)

EMATIC HEADPHONES–even though I gave my krump dancing beau, Mr. X, a pair of these that I discovered at GBK’s Oscars Suite, they come in so many fun colors that I just couldn’t resist a bright red pair this time! [Note: you can see my previous review of them here:]

MONKEY BRAIN HAIR PRODUCTS–I was sold on these the instant I found-out they had a product that you can use to make your hair fresher without really washing it! Even though the adorable line is mainly for kids, this item is perfect for busy bon vivettes like me!

TOWNLEY COSMETICS–this was the first sponsor table I saw when I entered the suite, and, being the queen of all girly-girls, I was immediately attracted to the lips glosses and teen-age make-up kits and pink-themed display. I may even be selfish and keep the iCarly gift set for myself because all of my kid pals are boys. Yay.

NAIL GARDEN–Christy, one of the nail techs at their Studio City nail salon, painted my nails with OPI’s sparkly Teen-age Dream. How apropos.

OQUINN TEE SHIRT–even though they had many shirts proclaiming love for L.A., which I have in spades, I went shallow and chose a bright blue one to match my eyes. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.


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