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[Note #2: The Emmys have come early this year, and with them, the attendant gifting suites. I managed to make it out to five of them. Each one gets its own write-up because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back here all week, (and look at last week’s one, too,) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the second of five. My Contributing Writer is Alice Farinas. Her comments are the ones attributed to her by name, and also the ones in quotes.]

RJ Mitte.  Photo by Alice Farinas.

RJ Mitte. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Doris Bergman, being the divine diva that she is, helped us all get a leg up on the Emmys celebrations several days early, by holding her fifth annual luncheon/gifting suite at hip West Hollywood eatery, Fig and Olive.

Every single person at the suite was upbeat and genial. All the sponsors were laid-back and generous, the guests were well-behaved, and the servers at Fig and Olive are always the nicest people imaginable, especially my favorite one, Josh. Every single person who works in a restaurant should be like that guy. And of course, the fabulous Doris Bergman is at the head of the chain.

Doris’s events always attract real celebrities, and this time the two most popular ones appeared to be Academy Award winner Jon Voight, who’s nominated for an Emmy this year for his role on Ray Donovan, and Breaking Bad‘s RJ Mitte, who’s one of the nicest young actors around.

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Fig & Olive really showed-off their best fare with the beautiful luncheon. We got to nibble on their famous flatbread crostinis, with all different toppings, while we mingled in the adjacent courtyard, where the gifting took place, for the first hour or so. At the same time, the servers came around with trays of wine, cranberry juice, and ice water, which every person in attendance appreciated on the summer day. After a while, we all moved indoors for the beautiful buffet lunch. I think this is the first time in my life that I ate every single dish that was offered! Really, that is such a rarity for pickiest eater me.

The unbelievably delicious menu consisted of Caesar salad, penne pasta with grilled shrimp, their signature Moroccan-spiced chicken with apricots and vegetables, couscous, and bite-sized focaccia bread. And of course, let’s not forget the fabulous mini desserts that guests were clamoring for!

Okay, let’s get to the sumptuous gifts already, beginning with the Presenting Sponsor, directly below:

The Red Carpet Kits are the red boxes in front. Photo by Alice Farinas.

The Red Carpet Kits are the red boxes in front. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightning–Alice, a make-up artist herself, was wowed by this new cosmetics company’s Red Carpet Survival Kit, (which is presented in conjunction with Whitening Lightning.) She stated, “Every girl needs this perfect-sized kit, whether you are on the red carpet or just working, playing, or on the go. The bright red box includes: BB Plus Illuminator Facial Crème for an all-day healthy glow; Brow Bar To Go, which is perfect for touch-ups, since brows are very important to your overall look; Super Booster Whitening Pen for teeth because what’s a beautiful face if it doesn’t have an outstanding smile?; and an amazing lip gloss with a mirror, which lights-up when you open the tube, so that you can to apply anywhere evening or day.”  (I, Karen, am adding: Except in a dark theatre—fellow audience members have frowned on the light in the dark that’s coming from my lipstick!) Mr. X, who doesn’t usually get into my make-up situations, was really impressed with the kit itself, especially the “really cute” moniker!

Can you see why I drooling over this luggage?  Photo by Alice Farinas.

Can you see why I drooling over this luggage? Photo by Alice Farinas.

Traveler’s Choice—I always feel good when I see this fun luggage company at an event! They surprise us with different designs every time. At this suite, they had several new ones, including colorful, almost psychedelic carry-on suitcases. You know no one will be losing those babies at the airport!

Bling It Hat Designs—This company “bedazzles and bejewels” distressed denim caps which then “can kick-up a sporty day outfit to evening, when you need that extra statement piece.” Or, as I look at it, when you want to look cute without washing your hair!

Radar's wall of watch bands. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Radar’s wall of watch bands. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Radar Watches—Alice rightly described these colorful watches, with interchangeable over-sized faces and rubberized bracelets, as “really radical, cool, and fun!” She loved that they come in so many colors, with everything from “black and white to lime green and shiny red!”

Single Dress—Alice looked adorable in everything she tired on from this clothing company, so she’s taking this one all on her own: “Every single dress (get it?) and blouse from them is unique. They’ve also recently launched the younger dress line, Kaya Di Koko, in really fun patterns. I love that they got the hemlines right. I’m petite, and the hemline is right above the knee, but not too long, where it really flatters the leg; great styling! They also carry men’s underwear, which can double as cute boy shorts on us girls.”

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Ooh La Bra—Alice gushed about this lovely designer bra strap company: “Their slogan is ‘We lift you up,’ and they do it in a few ways. Firstly, they design very chic jeweled bra straps, that are meant to be seen. When I met and talked with their head honcho, Lisa Mckenzie, I realized that the ‘lifting-up’ went deeper; she’s the founder of the Cancer Survivor Runway Show You Night, which embraces women who have battled breast cancer, and won. Doing that show lifts-up their spirits, making them feel beautiful inside and out; this is a very empowering cause. What a way to see the most amazing women shine!” Shine like these bras straps, that is!

Intemporelle Designs—This handbag company was gifting “beautiful diamond-cut mirrored compacts in jewel tones, that are very vintage and stylish.” They reminded me of one of my favorite holiday stories. Years ago, for one of my many Christmas gifts, Mr. X spent way too much money on a gorgeous jeweled compact from a top Beverly Hills store. Instead of accepting it graciously, not being one to enjoy wasting money, I read him the riot act about it. When I then showed it to my friend Beryl from Queens, she tried to cheer me up by saying, “But, Ka, to have a nice mirrah…” I guess this company agrees!

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Road Kill Boutique—We both appreciated that this “crazy name works so well for” all their fun items. Every time I see them, they’re feature something new, hip, and interesting from their Orange County store. At this suite, they were gifting fabulous “fuzzy, soft, and spacious purses,” which were a hit with all in attendance.

My Saint My Hero—Alice said that these bracelets that are made in Italy immediately reminded her of one that she bought in that country. She said, “They’re so delicate and beautiful; strong statement pieces of prayer and blessings!” And don’t we all need that, especially me right now, for oh so many reasons?

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

MD Sun Skin Care—Alice was happy to have “the privilege of meeting the founder of this line, plastic surgeon Dr. George Sun,” whose company was co-hosting this event. (And she pointed-out that he’s a graduate of one of my favorite colleges I attended, UCLA!) Alice was impressed that “his skin care line is medical grade, so not only is it working on the outside to make you look beautiful, it’s working from the inside, as well.” I just loved the pretty packaging.

Twisted  Silver—Alice said that this jewelry line, which features “very cool vintage-looking pieces,” was one of her favorites. I was impressed to see how much they’ve grown in the three and a half years that I’ve known them.

Clothing Nation—They were gifting a “beautiful, versatile knit top that can be worn with a camisole under it.” One of us being skinny and the other a tad chubby (but I’m not saying which is which,) we both appreciated that one size fits all of us!

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Art Lewin Bespoke—Alice dubbed men’s clothing guru Art Lewin “the classy guy with the tie.” She added that “his own impeccable wardrobe represents his brand well.  I thought I knew how to dress a man, but he knows what to put together to make your guy stand-out. It is most definitely a feat to coordinate ties and socks, which are the first two things I look at when I check-out a man in a suit.” I’m just checking-out his wallet bulge!

Bon Bon Home & Garden—Alice said of the candles this boutique was showcasing, “The all-natural ingredients that are 100% USA-grown will make the house, especially the bedroom, smell so sweet!”

Unity Vintage Jean  Co.–This company was gifting vintage cut-off jean shorts, that they gussied-up. If the happening designer liked you, he also gave you cute T-shirts and tanks with the company’s logo on it.

Go Fore Broke Sportswear–I wish this stylish golfing attire had been around when I played in tons of celebrity sporting events, like golf and tennis tournaments. My playing was so bad that I needed to dazzle everyone with my wardrobe! I especially liked the tee with the slogan “Exerting oneself to the utmost,” because that’s what I do for this e-zine on a daily basis! I guess that means you don’t even have to be an athlete to wear this line.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Spongelle—I love the beautiful new packaging of these shower and bath sponges that have built-in body wash. They exfoliate and hydrate with “extracts that smell so yummy you want to eat them!”

I Defyne Me—This line of tees, tanks, and sweatshirts feature inspirational words of empowerment. They’re designed to be encouraging for everyone who reads them, which is should be appreciated by everyone in these tough times.

Jones & Rose—Alice became a fan of these “luxurious” body butters and oils that came in great scents, with even better monikers, like “Whisper.” She said, “Not only do they make you feel smooth, but smell sexy, as well.”

Media Personality Karen Salkin, beaming as she donates the day's first gifts to Wednesday's Child.  Photo by Alice Farinas.

Media Personality Karen Salkin, beaming as she donates the day’s first gifts to Wednesday’s Child. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Doris is always conscious about giving back to society, so she requested that we each bring a gift for teens in the Wednesday’s Child program. I couldn’t help but bring four, (instead of one,) because I always feel that it’s better to give than receive, and it will make my heart sing to know that several teen-agers will be enjoying them around the holidays. I just hope that all the guests were as generous a Doris always is!

That’s it for this one. Don’t forget to check twitter to see if I’m live-tweeting (or close to live) my thoughts on the Emmys tonight! @MajorCelebrity



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  2. I was fortunate enough to have Jon Voight show up to the event to pick up his tuxedo from us to wear to the Emmy’s. We hope he wins. We love him & his show. Doris always brings in class act actors to all her events .. thank you.

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