[Note: each Emmys Suite gets its own column, in random order this time, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back all week (and look at yesterday’s column) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the second of four.]

This one is more like a garden party with services than a wild, grab-every-gift-you-can usual suite.

All photos by Karen Salkin and Meredith Tilley.

It was held once again at Debbie’s favorite location, Pickford Mansion, a private Hancock Park estate where The Artist was filmed, and even the extreme heat couldn’t dampen guests’ spirits. As usual, it was very pleasant there; my friend Jan and I went to a totally upscale fashion show after the suite, which was also fabulous (and, since they’re in totally different categories, cannot be compared,) but Jan kept saying how much more she loved her time at Debbie’s event!

I was too busy chilling to gather much, but I wouldn’t leave without the totally cool, colorful, and perfect-sized-for-any-use scarf from Michael Foster Designs.

This is what we did while there:

Karen being dramatic for her non-painful blood test!

First, we had blood tests! You read right; Guard A Heart, presented by AVIIR Laboratories, set-up a series of tents, that reminded me of a MASH unit. This company is “dedicated to bringing heart disease prevention and awareness to the forefront of our lives.” Trust me, there was no sponsor I needed more at any suite! With what I’ve been going through this year, my doctors have been worried about a heart attack possibility for me, so I was so grateful for this extra assessment. After the tests, we spoke with a doctor, and they made sure that we had the correct snacks, like peanuts and orange juice, to gain back post-test energy.

Yvonne Larson working on a guest's neck.

Jan had a neck massage from Neckwork Expert Yvonne Larson, then had her hair flat-ironed by the ladies of Tintura Salon. She was thrilled with both results.

I was too busy chatting with our chill handler, Meredith Tilley, to get any services. She’s a beautiful girl who seemed nice, too; there’s a find!

The best part of the event, to this foodie, was the snacks, courtesy of Urban Fresh, in Beverly Hills. We sampled salads, desserts, dips, and the absolute best turkey burgers ever! I hope to do a full review of the cafe by the end of the year.

To keep us hydrated, which everyone sorely needed that whole Emmys week, we received individual water bottles from LifeSource Water. That was probably the most important gift anywhere!

The charity here was once again Beat Liver Tumors, which “raises awareness about cancers of the liver, deLIVERing lots of Hope!” I love that uplifting, and clever, message!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next suite!


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