I always applaud a young person working towards their dreams, especially if it’s someone with talent in their chosen field. I was happy to find such a worker in fashion designer Bri Seeley.

To introduce her Fall 2014 Chrysalis Collection, she threw a lovely invite-only afternoon fashion show in a private garden in West Hollywood a couple of week-ends ago, which was a delightful new take on the genre. Even though I always love a good fashion show, no matter how it’s done, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see one executed creatively.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

It was like attending a friend’s garden party. And it was the perfect weather for the event, warm with a nice breeze, so everyone was comfortable.

The way they did it was most interesting. As we entered the premises, we received nice little goodie bags right away, (although, alas, they didn’t contain any Bri Seeley designs,) which was a great way to do it. At most events, they hand them out as the guests exit, and people are distracted the whole time, hoping the organizers won’t run out of bags before they leave. This way made everyone relax from the get-go.

As we entered the back garden, we were treated to mini cupcakes, specialty cookies, champagne, and chocolates from Seattle (where Bri and her team are from.)

The guests settled in various areas of the garden, and then, with absolutely no announcements or fanfare, the fashion show began. It was like we all caught-on to what was happening at the same time.

Some of the models, with designer Bri Seeley in the middle. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Some of the models, with designer Bri Seeley in the middle. Photo by Karen Salkin.

At the beginning of the afternoon, when my friend, Jeannie, and I were choosing our seats, we noticed four little tuffets, of sorts, covered in black, at the opposite end of the garden from us. I had assumed they were just extra seating, but thank goodness we didn’t sit on them; they were for the models to stand on! Four models sauntered across the garden to those stools, and stood on one each, with just a little light music playing in the background. The models each gave way to another, one at a time, about every minute or so. This method lent an easy, breezy air to the whole event.

Unlike many fashion shows in Los Angeles, this Bri Seeley one was actually a very easy one to witness. There was no attitude, no weird walking from the models, (perhaps the grass surface had something to do with that, but still…,) no pounding music to annoy us, and actually no guests I took exception to! And we saw attractive fashions, to boot! It couldn’t have been better.

What shocked me most was how polite the assemblage was. I must say that it was one of the most well-behaved audiences I’ve ever seen! Nobody talked during the show portion of the afternoon, no cell phones went off, no one was texting, and everyone seemed to be paying attention to the proceedings! What a rarity this entire afternoon was.



  1. Thank you for coming Karen! Glad you enjoyed the presentation – will be sure to extend you an invite for the next one :-)

  2. Congratulations Bri, it sounds like a very well organized event and I am glad everyone really got absorbed in and experienced your designs!

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