I meet so many people in my line of work that I just can’t keep up with most of them. I’m sure most are worthwhile, but there are few I think are lovely people. I’m just so glad that I’ve finally made time to go to the adorable Laura Filipowicz’ Bag Lady Promotions functions! She’s exactly what I feel people should be. And wish I was! Always pleasant.

And her events are as worthwhile as she is. Her previous one I went to in Culver City in July, We Heart Moms,was wonderful. I had planned on writing about it, especially since I got a subtle hair feather put in by Brenda Higuera of Manu Salon in Santa Monica, and won a gorgeous blue sparkly bracelet, made my none other than Laura herself, (who I keep bugging to get back into the jewelry business,) but my sudden trip to New York then prevented it.

So, before anything else can get in the way, I want to tell you about a recent, enjoyable, daytime event from this company. It was last week at a store that I was unfamiliar with, D.L. Rhein, on trendy Third Street. This one was titled, “Crafts and Cocktails Soiree,” but it was so much more than that.

I really didn’t know what to expect at 10:30AM, so everything about it was a surprise. We were greeted by amiable co-owner Andy Rhein, proffering mimosas…on a week-day morning! And most everyone accepted! Happy Holidays to us!

We mingled while perusing the stunning appointments the store offered. I honestly can’t imagine how owner Deborah Rhein does it. Each section featured wonderful unique gifts in one shade and each one was interesting. I usually can’t find anything I really want in shops like this, but in D.L. Rhein, there was hardly anything I didn’t want!

Looks like I'm not the only one who loved this food--the sandwiches on the left were already depleted.

But, since we know that I’m a food whore, (we all knew that, didn’t we?,) I was thrilled to see, and taste(!), beautiful treats in the back room. The heartier food, (sandwiches, stuffed cherry tomatoes, mini-quiches,) were catered by Meg Hall from Manhattan Beach. And the adorable bite-sized desserts were baked by Susan Salzman, the Urban Baker. The other femmes couldn’t stop raving about the lemon meringue pies, but I absolutely could not tear myself away from the pumpkin pies! I don’t even like pumpkin, but these barely left my hands. Or lips! I’m sure I embarrassed myself with them.

When we had all arrived, (or most of us, anyway,) we got a real surprise. (Or maybe just I did, since I’ve never been crafty, except detective-work-wise, and it was a craft, which the invite clearly stated.) We were given goodie bags, which included make-it-yourself bracelets! At first, I thought that Deborah (the D.L. in the shop’s moniker) was nuts to show us her secrets. But, when I saw the level of non-talent we all had for the discipline, I knew she was safe.

Some of the crafty ladies.

She helped us through, and it was great! What a fun, unexpected morning activity! Through the luck of the draw, I received a moonstone, which signifies goddesses. (Boy did they get that one right!) Or maybe the stone and I were just drawn to each other cosmically because I used to collect them on Moonstone Beach when I lived in Rhode Island when I was younger. (I found out later that it’s the state gem of Florida, so I probably got it because my hair was wavy that day!)

Because I loved everything in the store, when they offered to give a $50. gift certificate to one of my readers, I jumped at the chance for you guys! Even though Mr. X and I will be spending the holidays in New York with my little mo, and we just use an official Charlie Brown little Xmas tree there, (hence, no ornaments,) I bought several gorgeous ones at D.L. Rhein, just to look at! And to enjoy for years to come, of course. So I can vouch for the merchandise.

In addition to this location where the party was held, there’s a branch in Culver City, and you can use the cert at either one.

So, here’s what you do to enter the drawing:

You have to “like” this E-zine, ItsNotAboutMe.TV, (which I assume you know since you’re reading it right now!,) on Facebook, which I swear I hate doing to you, but that’s unfortunately the way we all have to go nowadays. Then you leave me a comment under this column, (which won’t be published, so no worries there,) and the nicest one wins! My assistant and webmaster will help decide the winner, so it won’t be up to me alone. (Even though Mr. X thinks I can be a dictator at times, I’m really all about democracy.)

Since I know some of you catch up on my columns over the week-end, I’ll give you till Monday morning at 9AM west coast time. The winner will be notified by Wednesday at 5PM, after all three of us have a chance to read all the comments and check on the stupid Facebook thing. I’m really sorry, but we won’t have time to contact anyone but the winner. I’m sure we’ll appreciate all the entries, though!

And that’s it! I’ve been offered to do give-aways in the past, but wanted to wait until we could figure out the best way to do them. So, this is the inaugural give-away! Best of luck to all of you, and may the best comment-er win!

D.L. Rhein
8300 1/2 W. Third Street Los Angeles


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  1. D.L. Rhein is uniquely trendy! I discovered this wonderful little shop during my most recent trip to LA visiting my Daughter who lives on Motor Ave. Now I have another wonderful reason to visit LA – see my daughter and shop at D.L. Rhein

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