I always enjoy the events I’m invited to by the Switzerland Tourism team; every member who speaks is always so upbeat and informative.

Photos by Karen Salkin.

At their luncheon last week at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, they showed mouth-watering giant slides while singing the praises of what the different regions of their tiny country have to offer, including amazing rail passes to make your journey through Switzerland easier. Even my semi-distracted companion enjoyed that presentation, which was a miracle!

I’m always interested to see the different ways they come up with to entertain us, from the food, to the staging of the pitch, to the wines, to the goodie bags, which this time included packaged slices of swiss cheese!!! That brought a smile to my face. (But not as much as the always-included chocolate does!)

Speaking of chocolate, after a delightful buffet of salad, steak and wondrous potatoes, and fish and delicious rice, for dessert they had a chocolate fountain! That was a stroke of genius because it’s easy and special, and, if the rest of the assemblage is like me, I’m sure that we all start craving chocolate as soon as the invite arrives. The fountain idea, with fruits, pretzels, and marshmallows to dip in it, satisfies everyone.

I was happy that this was the first time they included a little chat about Basel, the hometown of the stranger I love most, Roger Federer. That inclusion may have been because I tortured the powers-that-be at the last luncheon they threw, begging for more info on der Federer’s homeland. Maybe next time they’ll bring the actual man as a visual aid! I’m just sayin’. And wishing and hoping!



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