This lovely jewelry by an even lovelier designer had it’s LA launch at the interesting new-ish Shore Hotel at the edge of Santa Monica. The whole event had a lovely feel to it; breezy, exotic, beachy cool.

Unfortunately, I had only about forty-five minutes to spend at this soirée because Game 7 of the NBA Championships was starting, and I didn’t want to miss even one second of the coverage! And getting home from Santa Monica on a week-day late afternoon is always brutal.

Tricia with some of her jewelry designs. Photo by Karen Salkin.

But I did get to chat with the designer, Tricia McCarthy, (who’s a million times better-looking than her photos on her website, by the way,) for a bit, and learn a bit about her designs. The name “Nalukai” means “A wise soul who has weathered life’s storms” in Hawaiian. (You have no idea how much I pray that refers to me right now!)

Actually, the words on her jewelry are all messages that speak to me!; peace, harmony, move forward strength, believe, and the most important one–stand strong in the wind!

And the party itself was as fabulous as the jewelry collection we were there to launch. The food, which was catered by meal delivery service Paleta, was unexpectedly gorgeous! And delicious! Because the invitation listed “healthy bites and sips,” I was expecting maybe a crudite tray. Period. It should have read “sumptuous buffet of beautiful, healthful food.”

One of the tables set-up by Paleta. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Again, because I was so time-constrained (and also because I’m the slowest eater you’ll ever meet,) I couldn’t try it all all, though I would have loved to. (Yet another reason to be depressed that the Spurs lost the game before! Had they won that one, there wouldn’t have been a game the night of this fete!) But, if I can find some time, perhaps I’ll do a whole review of them down the line. I can tell you now, though, that I was shocked (because I usually like only bad-for-you fare) at just how tasty their vegan chocolate cookies were!

I talked sports with the adorable bartender, Brandon, took in a bit of the atmosphere, received a goodie bag containing a big, soft t-shirt and a tin of green tea mints, and left contented. Now, that’s what I call a good event!


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