I received an invitation recently that said “ …for everyone that loves to be pampered…” [Note: the former teacher in me just couldn’t resist the opportunity for a small grammar lesson at the end of this column.] Well, there’s no one on earth who loves, and needs, to be pampered more than I! Mr. X always tells me that I can really relax!

The goodie bags lined-up on the bar, for the taking.

So, Candis and I went over to the Diva Spa Party at Libertine on Sunset (don’t worry about it being held in a bar–it was 11AM on a Sunday) to check-out some good ideas that would be applicable for all kinds of girly bashes of our own, including bachelorette parties. Wouldn’t those, in particular, be so much more fun staying in and getting beauty treatments, rather than going to a dirty, creepy club and seeing full-of-themselves men strip? I think so.

This event was coordinated by AB Weddings & Special Events, and their nice and patient personnel were available to answer our questions and help with our plans.   www.abspecialevents.com

First, I got my hands sugar-scrubbed, followed by a manicure, from Nails by Vivian, which is located in Encino’s Aida Grey Salon. Since this had started out as a wedding-planning event, they had mainly bridal polishes, so I look very classy and demure now. Well, at least my nails do!

Then I got a fabulous mini-facial by Paula Rodrigo of Loma Linda University Health Care, so I knew I was in good hands. It’s actually taking me forever to write this column because I have to keep taking my hands off the keyboard to touch my newly baby-soft face!!! I’ve always kept up with my skin, but this is the best it’s felt in quite a long while. And her display was almost as beautiful as my post-treatment skin. She had a scrumptious pink blanket for us to lie on, and many of the products were turquoise–one of my very favorite color combos. I spent a lot of time in her section just drinking in the colors.   www.lluplasticsugery.com

I noticed that Lili, the make-up girl, had done very smoky eyes on herself, (and on Candis, too!,) so I decided to go for that look, as well. I didn’t have her do face make-up because I had just had that mini-facial, and didn’t want to clog up my virgin skin. Besides, I never wear face make-up unless I’m on camera and am therefore forced to, even though at special events I sometimes like to see what make-up people can come up with.

Part of the Ingrid's Cafe spread--we were all so busy eating it that this photo didn't get snapped until the end.

In-between it all, we were kept well-satiated with treats from three wonderful catering companies. First was quite the spread from Ingrid’s in Beverly Hills. I had reviewed her afternoon tea service several years ago for my column, Out To Lunch, on BeverlyHillsPeople.com, but hadn’t realized that she caters all types of food! [Note: I hope to review it anew sometime for this site, so look for it down the line.] Here, she provided a Mediterranean spread with adorable mini-pitas and tons of lovely fillings, like hummus, tabouli, and red eggplant “caviar,” which Candis was impressed with. Ingrid also did bite-sized tuna-in-pastry-shells and chicken salad on endive. It was all very yummy.   www.ingridscafe.com

For dessert, (or whenever we wanted, actually,) we had Cupcakes by Creameez, with all different toppings (chocolate with coconut was my fave,) and mini-pastries by Have Your Cake And…. (That’s the end of that sentence–that’s how they write their company’s name, with ellipsis.) Candis, skinny as she is, loved their mini-pecan pies.   www.creameez.com      www.E-haveyourcakeand.com

We each ended our stay with a cute bag of goodies. Our friends should only be so lucky to have us invite them over for a party like this!

[Oh, here’s the grammar lesson that I promised at the top of the column: In the case of the sentence “ …for everyone that loves to be pampered…,” “that” should be “who.” The rule is “that” is for an object while “who” is for persons. Now, please make sure you all apply your new knowledge from here on out.]







  1. Hi Karen, thank you again for a great review of my little Chateau “Ingrid’s”. It was so nice to see you and I am glad you enjoyed the food. I am not sure if you had the Taboli since it had lemon, but if I knew you were coming, I would have made an special no-lemon Taboli. You’re great Lady.

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