This past week-end brought us the fourth edition of Cure In The Canyons, a favorite yearly event that many of L.A.’s people-in-the-know would never miss. Helmed by the intrepid Karin Purvis, it’s a charity for Breast Cancer Research, so everybody wins. (If you missed it, but would still like to contribute, or just had so much fun you’d like to donate some more, you can do so here: http://www.cureinthecanyons.com/donate.html.)

Photo of the luxurious pool area by Lucia Singer.

Having loved both venues of the past, I didn’t think it could get any better, but it did indeed. This year’s fete was presented on a gorgeous private estate in Beverly Hills, and was laid out just beautifully, making it much easier to get around to all the sponsors, so as to not miss a thing. It was also much cooler than the past two Valley and Malibu locations, though they both had their charms, as well.  And I was especially happy to see that just about every guest dressed-up a bit, per the invitation. It was a pleasure to be at an event where we all looked like ladies and gentlemen.

The first service on our way in was the always-popular OPI manicure booth. I couldn’t wait to try this season’s Swiss collection. I was very fortunate to get Thao as my nail tech, since she was the only one kind enough to bring glue, just in case. I had just broken a nail really badly, (in my sleep–go figure) and she fixed it in one second, while we got to discuss our upcoming Halloween plans. (She has kids; I just love the holiday myself.)

Photo of Karen's relaxing facial by Lucia Signer.

We also got mini-facials from Vickie of Orlane in Bloomie’s, our brows threaded by Ami of Thread Eyebrows (Lucia’s first threading experience–welcome to the club,) and our make-up done by Carolina and Katie of the Century City Sephora. Lucia is beautiful to begin with, but I loved the new glamorous look they came up with for her.

Photo of the dining area by Karen Salkin.

There were many snacks (Pop Chips and New Zealand natural ice cream, to name a couple) and beverages along the way, but the gustatory piece de resistance was the lovely, healthy lunch of chicken, pastas, and salads, served-up by Executive Chef John Bard and his amazing team. It was just perfect.

Most important of all, though, was a speech by the lovely Kyle Richards, whom I’ve known forever, (and a member of the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,) telling us how she lost her mother to breast cancer and imploring us all to get our yearly mammograms. It scared me into action because I’ve been pretty negligent since my doctor moved to Long Beach. So, thanks Kyle, for the reminder.

But, again, besides being a life-saving event, by raising funds for research and making us aware to take better care of ourselves, Cure In The Canyons puts glamour and beauty front and center for the day, so we can have tons of fun while gaining useful medical knowledge.

 In addition to the gifts we gathered along the way, from skin-care lines to delicious chocolate cookies, we were presented with juicy goodie bags on our way out, with everyone having big smiles on our faces. Can’t wait till next year’s edition, knock on wood! And if you’re smart, fun, and kind, you’ll be there, as well.



















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