This is one event that I hadn’t planned on writing about.  It was a pleasure to go to something knowing that no one was hoping for a write-up from me.  But it turned-out to be so fun that I want to tell you about it anyway.

Love this "Genius Table"; when I was in first grade, I sat at the "smart table," so-named by the class, not the teacher! All photos by Karen Salkin.

First of all, I have to admit that my entire life I’ve rarely gone anyplace alone. (When I was little, and my mother needed me to go to the corner grocery store, I even had to call for my friend, Carol, a few doors down, to accompany me, so no one on the way would think I had no friends!!!) In recent years, the main reason is that I want my pals to share my advantages, but my old, and still applicable, reason is that I think I’d just plain feel uncomfortable at an event alone.  I don’t want to hope that someone talks to me because that would mean that I’d kind-of be hoping that they’ll ignore the person they came with!  I hate intruding on others.

Plus, I always feel so bad for lone event-attendees that I wind-up being the one taking care of them and ruining my own time. Attendees should just always come with their own friend and leave the other guests alone, I think. Going alone cries, “Please, someone talk to me!”

Conversely, when I take a friend with me, I don’t like them to start talking to other people–I’m trying to spend time with a friend, not network. [Note: for the few of you who are really into correct grammar, such as I, I know that I used the words “they” and “them” in these last two paragraphs, when the correct words are “he or she,” but I just wanted to make my point and not be confusing to most. Even though I don’t go along with this, linguistics says that as long as you can be understood…]

But when I got invited to a Bag Lady Promotions event, which was for the express purpose of networking, I told myself that if I wake up in time, (it was in the morning,) I’d go.  And I’m glad I did.  These ladies were not your typical “let’s network” kind of gals.  They were all pretty nice and not phony!  So just a couple of words about it:

Bag Lady is run by one of the sweetest girls ever, Laura Filipowicz. She’s a little dynamo who’s so nice and pleasant; everyone seems to love her. I guess that’s why she attracts a nice crowd of females, some of whom I’ve actually worked with before and was happy to run into again.

One was Chudney Ross, with whom I guested on a radio show about four years ago. The topic turned to dating that day and we had a good old time, doling out sage, and funny, advice. I forgot to ask her if she took any of mine! Anyway, it turns out that she just opened the venue that Laura’s event was being held at, Books and Cookies, a new children’s space on the border of Santa Monica and Venice. The name is actually what attracted me to the event to begin with! It’s a bookstore/cafe/playroom and looks really fun. I wanted to plop down in the little Indian tent and read a couple of the books myself, especially if they had some of my favorites from when I was a teacher. Or a kid!

Some of the yummy Fresh Brothers fare.

This is one event I seriously wasn’t expecting any food at. Well, maybe the cookies of the title. But I was ever so pleasantly surprised by wonderful Fresh Brothers pizza and salads, courtesy of the owner, Debbie Goldberg, who was my New Best Friend for two seconds before I hurt my back last year, thus putting all my social interactions on hold. I had reviewed her eatery for the Culver City News back then, when I was still writing for them, and subsequently featured some of her food at my big beginning-of-the-year foodie soiree. I was delighted to discover some new varieties of pizza at this Bag Lady event. And even happier to have it to munch on right then! It’s part of the reason I was one of the last to leave that day!

While we were gabbing and chowing down, a raffle was held. I guess I’m on a roll now because I won a gift certificate to a new eco skin care store on Robertson, Evolue! This on the heels of my major iPad win last month! I can’t wait till the next raffle I enter!

Bag Lady sent us on our way with goodie bags with some clever gifts in them, including lunch with a party planner…her treat! How much better than this can you get for waking up early on a Monday morning? I’d venture to guess—not much.



  1. Laura Filipowicz on

    Aww…Thanks so much for the kind words. It is nice to know that you feel comfortable with BLP and that you have fun attending our events! It is times like these that make me want to work even harder to keet bringing people together! xxoo, Laura BagLady Promotions

  2. Thank you so much for the nice words, awesome pictures and the great write up! Books and Cookies was very happy to host the event and have so many wonderful woman in attendance!
    Books and Cookies, LLC

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