Here’s something you guys may not know about me: I love discovering new malls, especially at this time of year, when everything’s so pretty. The more away from basic LA they are, the better.

Atmosphere at Solita. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Atmosphere at Solita. Photo by Alice Farinas.

So, when I was invited to a pre-opening private dinner at Solita, in Valencia Town Center last week, I was there. I’m glad I have a least one partner in crime, Alice, who doesn’t think that driving to Valencia is a day trip, because it is not! I did a movie in that area a few years ago, so I drove to the set every day, and it was no big deal. (It was a western! Don’t ask. There are a lot of ranches in the area.) I only wish I had Solita to go to on my lunch break! Or after a hard day of being held hostage in a bank. (My character, not me personally.) You know the crew all needed a margarita after those scenes!

The area is easy, the mall is a beautiful outdoor one, and the food at Solita is delicious! (And we also got to stop at several fun places along the way; we had our hair and nails done, and found the greatest make-up at a store we don’t have anywhere near where we live!)

The best part was that we were literally the first group to experience this brand new eatery! I loved that!

Some of the buffet items.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Some of the buffet items. Photo by Karen Salkin.

I also loved the high-top tables with banquet seating and stools. (There are a few normal tables for folks like my mother was, who thought she’d get a nose bleed from sitting high up in an SUV!) I noticed that there’s a fireplace in what will be a private party room when needed.

Since this was a private tasting, we didn’t order off the menu; rather, they passed a few tidbits that they expect to be their most popular, and also set-up a few along a buffet. We really enjoyed all the dishes we tried.

My absolute favorite was the seasoned ear of corn. I chose to eat mine typewriter-style, but for those of you who are more genteel, (or on a first date,) the servers will saw-off the kernels with a sharp knife right in front of you! I don’t know what they sprinkled on it, but it was perf.

rsz_img_5183Alice said she liked that “the guacamole was served inside a flakey tostada,” and that the guac itself was “smooth, not chunky.”  She also was a fan of the chili relleno which she said was “cheesy and not very spicy,” which was just her style. And we both enjoyed the flavorful tapas-sized soft tacos, and the “very tasty” “lazy” (their word, no Alice’s) chicken enchiladas that came with “delish” rice.

The whole assemblage seemed to like the dessert, which was deep-fried ice cream topped with lots of coconut, and drizzled with chocolate sauce.

Since drinks are a big part of the attraction at Solita, Alice tried a couple.  She “loved the tequila horchata drink; it’s like a white Russian,” but Mexican-style.

I have to admit that we were so busy with the passed foods and side buffet choices that I didn’t get to check-out their regular menu. But I hope to do a real review as soon as I can find the time. And when I need some more make-up from that very interesting area!


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