I’ve got to tell you about platine bakery, a new-ish place that has treats that are perfect for Easter baskets. (They carry Passover items as well, like flourless chocolate babycakes that sound mouth-watering to me–I would be there in a minute if my back wasn’t preventing me from driving.) [Note: they like the name to be written with a lowercase “p,” which is just fine with me because I actually hate typing capitals!]

img_6775This is how I found them: Ever since I wrote about the new gourmet treat, S’Muffins, a couple of months ago, people have been asking me where to find them locally. So, I followed the trail to a little gourmet shop on the outskirts of Culver City, and I was amazed by what I found! Mr. X was so impressed with the fare at platine that he dubbed it “upscale food at a downscale location.” Boy, is he correct. (About the upscale part–the word “downscale” was just to make the comment poetic.)

The S’Muffins are among the select items from outside companies whose wares Jaime Cantor, the owner, presents. Those products, like the incredible mac & cheese from Paddy Mac, just add to platine’s pleasures.

This is not a restaurant, though they are planning to have a couple of sidewalk tables for those of us who just can’t wait to dig into their gourmet offerings. It’s a cute little to-go place, in the front of the kitchen where they create their magic. (It’s all baked on-site daily.) Gift baskets are their specialty, featuring their incredible sweet treats.

img_6770This looks like the kind of shop we read about in children’s books. The desserts are petite and displayed in a compact case, which both make my mouth water even more. They’re the perfect size for a little girl’s tea party, but pack big flavor. With obesity being a national problem these days, we’re all conscious about cutting-down our consumption of sweets. With these tiny tidbits from platine, we truly can have our cake and eat it, too. (Is it even possible that I’m the first reviewer who’s thought of that last statement?)

I always need chocolate at meal’s end, but frequently over-do it. Platine’s bantam bites are the perfect size to quell my cravings, without making me feel guilty. And the prices are in line with the sizes. (They range from the you-can-use-change-for-it $1 to $4.50.) If these sold in Beverly Hills, for example, they’d be at least three times the price. And worth every penny! (I wonder if the goodies are munchkin-size because Culver City’s main claim to fame is that they filmed The Wizard of Oz there?)

To augment the treats, they feature four different sandwiches, which change seasonally. To make it easier for everybody, especially those of us who want to grab and go, the team makes them up fresh each morning and has them ready in the refrigerator. If the one you want is sold-out, they’ll just whip you up one, though that extra-freshness takes a few minutes.

They just started the spring menu, right after my visit, so I can’t tell you about any of the new crop. But the three we tried from the winter menu were delicious. One of them was turkey on a pretzel roll, and they have a similar one now, so I’d say go for it! We also tried two of the imported-from-elsewhere macaroni and cheeses (the basic cheese one, and one with beef and bacon,) and they were seriously the best I’ve ever tasted. Good idea on Jaime’s part to carry them.

img_6769Now to the actual desserts. They have a roster of about 200(!) items, and switch them up daily to showcase 12-15 of them. I have a feeling they always have cookies, though. Mr. X and I tried about six of them, and enjoyed them all. He loved the cookies the most, especially their signature Oatmeal Raisin with chocolate chips. I could have eaten twenty Chocolate-Peanut Butter Baby Cakes! (And at just $1. apiece, could have afforded them! But this is where the portion control comes in handiest–I was grateful that it wasn’t bigger or I would have eaten more, and then been uncomfortable.)

So, next time you’re driving on Washington Blvd. and have a sugar attack, you know where to head. And get in line behind me!

10850 Washington Blvd, Culver City 310-559-9933     www.platinecookies.com


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