On a lovely day at the beginning of January, right when I returned from a month in blizzard-filled New York City, a pal and I took a drive up PCH to Malibu to join in the fun opening of new gelateria, Grom. But gelato is more of a warm weather treat to me, so what better time to tell you about it than on what will be a record-breaking-heat-filled Spring day?

Grom is absolutely beautiful–it looks like something out of a movie. It’s all blues and crisp whites and the scoopers behind the counter are lovely.

Federico and Guido inside Grom. Photos by Karen Salkin.

It’s owned by two cute guys from Torino, Italy. Every single person I’ve ever met from that area, like my favorite servers at Asia de Cuba, Stefano and Luca, is a gem, and Guido and Federico are now on that list, as well.

Since it was the opening, we got try every flavor we wanted to, but I stuck with all things chocolate. Each one was delicious and my friend and I could barely concentrate on the screening because we were thinking of what we wanted to try when the movie was over and we would walk the few steps back to Grom. (BTW–in case you’re wondering what fabulous meaning “grom” has in Italian, it’s Federico’s last name. Well, that’s fabulous to his family!)

The gelato and sorbets are considered the highest quality, such as organic fruit from their farm, Mura Mura, in Italy. They offer different flavors each month, including a special Flavor of the Month. As a fanatical re-cycler, their re-cycling system was also impressive to me.

In addition to gelato and sorbet, there are special crisp cookies, and hot chocolate with one of the best, freshest whipped creams I’ve ever had.

We were lucky enough to be there on a day the owners were visiting, and I loved listening to Guido proudly tell me all about their farm. Besides his enthusiasm, (his looks didn’t hurt, either!,) I was so attracted to the letters on the poster of his farm because they were written in bold primary colors. You know how crayon shades make my mouth water!

I look forward to a day in the future when hopefully, a Grom branch will open closer to my ’hood. But now that it’s Spring, frequent trips to Malibu, even just for excellent gelato, don’t seem like much of a hardship.

3886 Cross Creek Road Malibu 310-456-9797 www.grom.it


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