Those of you who pay attention know that I try not to leave the house during the US Open.  Crazy, I know, but I love tennis, especially when Roger Federer and Kim Clijsters play.  And, I never realized it before, but it gives me a slight respite from my own problems to worry about the paths of others for two weeks.

But, when I was invited to an event at Bru Haus, which fell on the same night as the opening of the tennis tourney, I wanted to be there because I had recently reviewed their excellent anniversary party.  I knew I was in for another easy-going, delicious experience.  And that’s exactly what I got!

All photos by Karen Salkin.

The occasion was the debut of their Happy Hour menu. The guest list was fun; all compatible writers and influencers, so it was very comfortable.  Even though I don’t drink, I always mean to go to happy hours.  I did it more often when I had my fun group of club pals, and we had time to while away the hours enjoying a group hang.  So, this early afternoon soiree, complete with raffles and goodie bags, was just what the doctor ordered.  Possibly literally because if he could, I have a feeling he would write me a prescription for a vacation, a vacation from my problems.  (That’s what the shrink did in What About Bob, one of the best movies ever!)

So, anyway, in addition to some fun cocktails, (coconut rum and cola, anyone?,) all the menu items we had were delicious!  I expected nothing less from Charlie Hwang, after the creative, and generous, anniversary party.  And, shockingly, none of those appetizers were repeated at this one. What a repertoire this guy has!

The mix of dishes was perfect, with the crowd favorite being the sausage sampler.  My buddy Lou was even brave enough to try to alligator variety!  He and Charlie both said it tasted like pork, which is my favorite meat, but I still couldn’t go for it.  The two we didn’t try were duck and bratwurst, but the basic ones were great!  They were served with grilled onions and peppers, perfect bread chunks, and a variety of sauces, including their signature Beetchup.  (You can read about it here, in my last review of the place: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2012/07/20/dining-bruhaus-anniversary-party.)

I also loved the pulled pork in lettuce cups, and wish I had eaten more than one.  But we were all so busy socializing that I didn’t even notice when they got sent over to one of the other tables of people in our group.  So, I guess I’m not the only one who loved them!

The meat chili, served in little shot glasses with a corn chip, was also delicious.  I even liked the cauliflower, which I usually hate!

For the sweet tooth-ed among us, there were two healthful-ish choices: almond butter and jelly sandwiches on brown bread, and mini bread puddings on toothpicks, which are so much easier to eat in front of people than real bread pudding is!

And guess what I got to do during all the fun?  Look up at the many big-screen TVs above the bar and watch the tennis matches!  I was recording it at home, and really wanted to wait, but when Roger Federer took off his shirt, something I had not ever seen before, I just had to pay attention. (Poor Rafa Nadal had to sit-out this tournament, so we ladies had to grab a gander at those naked man bodies where we can.)

And I was grateful I did see a bit of the matches at the bar because when I got home, I found-out that my Dish DVR had screwed me once again and hand’t recored it properly.  So, even though I’d always prefer to watch sports at home, where nobody talks and I can concentrate on the action, I’m so glad I got to see even a bit of Roger’s and Kim’s first round wins.  And speaking of wins, the inaugural happy hour at Bru Haus was just that–a win-win-win!

11831 Wilshire Blvd.   WLA    310-473-2337    www.bruhauspub.com


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