Here are some sightings of celebrities I’ve spotted around town in the past few months, some fabulous, others not so much. I did them in the order of most recent to the furthest ago, for who-knows-what-reason.

12/9/08 Katie Lee Joel, Billy’s wife and cookbook author in her own right, pouring Godiva liqueur concoctions at Stone Rose LA. She and I compared notes about having tried gigs on the other side of the red carpet, with no desire to continue on either of our parts. BTW–she’s the image of young Ali McGraw, only with a straight front tooth.

12/08/08 Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Ben Stiller after a private screening of Tropic Thunder at the Pacific Design Center. They were very entertaining together. I especially appreciated that Ben answered everyone’s cinematic questions seriously, being mirthful when appropriate. Very enlightening sesh. (Jimmy was sitting with on-again squeeze Sara Silverman across the aisle from me and one row in front. The times I noticed them, they were acting just like everyone else in the audience, which was good to witness.)

11/29/08 Ray Buktenica, of Rhoda and Life Goes On fame, krumping up a storm at the wedding of Patty and Joe Marotta, of Ft. Collins, Colorado, on Long Island. The assemblage stared in amazement to see a Caucasian, (and one over 20!) pulling off moves like that! I only hope they had seen 2005’s Rize, so they knew what they had just witnessed.

11/20/08 Chevy Chase being rude and unfunny at the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation fundraiser at the Armory in NYC. In his speech, he mentioned how much the charity was paying him for being there! Beyond gauche. And he had been so supportive and complimentary to me when we were on the Tonight Show together back in the day. Maybe he needs another stint in re-hab. Or maybe just more drugs.

11/19/08 David Blaine and R&B-er Mario, both at the same party as LL Cool J. Also, both really likeable. Mario and I chatted for about fifteen minutes! I’m so glad that I wrote something nice about him in my BeverlyHillsPeople.com column a few months back. He did not disappoint.

Karen with LL Cool J at Russell Simmons' party at Greenhouse, NYC

Karen with LL Cool J at Russell Simmons' party at Greenhouse, NYC

11/19/08 LL Cool J at Russell Simmons’ charity party at Greenhouse, a new club in NYC’s East Village. When he shook my hand, I wanted to live in it! His hand, not the club. It was so warm, cozy and inviting–it felt like home. I didn’t know what to do with my coat, as we L.A. club chicks never have one with us, and LL was so nice that he volunteered to watch it for the rest of the night! What a guy! (FYI–the club officially opened the next night. If they keep playing music like they did the night of the party, they’ll stay open for a long, long time. Best of luck to them.)




10/29/08 DJ AM spinning again at the Ultimate Vodka launch party at the Kress. He looked really good, after recovering from that horrendous plane crash about a month ago. He lost tons of weight, too. Now, if we could only get him to play better music, it’d be all good.

10/18/08 Jason Castro, fresh off the American Idol tour, chilling on the back of his car while filling up at the Exxon station on Olympic and Robertson. I was torn between snapping a surreptitious pic of him and telling him how funny I think he is. By the time I decided, he was back behind the wheel, taking off. But which had I decided to go with? The repartee, of course!

10/5/08 Shannon Tweed attending the Cure in the Canyons at the Four Seasons Westlake Village. She should have held off on all her plastic surgery until she first tried the fabulous beauty treatments this event had to offer! At least she still has good hair.

9/20/08 The power trio of Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin sitting 4 rows in from of me at the 9 To 5, The Musical opening at the Ahmanson Theatre. Read all about the fun in my entertainment section.

9/16/08 Jane Seymour at the Somaly Mam Foundation dinner that was held at a private residence in Trousdale Estates. I knew her for a brief period a decade ago, and her looks haven’t changed. Nor has her surly demeanor. Shame.



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