Even though we’re now in the middle of March, this year has been so juicy with events to tell you about that I never even got to let you in on February’s top Celebrity Sightings! Shame on me. So, here they are now, with, as always, the most recent one being on top:

Karen Salkin and Jack McGee.

2/26/11 Jack McGee and I were so happy to bump into each other at the GBK Oscars Suite at the W Hollywood. He and Mr. X go way back, and since my mysterious bf doesn’t go out to these Hollywood-type events, Jack was happy to accept me as the next best thing. He’s a lovely man.

2/25/11 Joan Rivers in the side lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel during the humongous QVC Oscars party. You know I hate to say anything really mean about anyone, but I have to give you guys the honest scoop–she’s even worse-looking in person, if that’s even possible. She looks like a bitter little old lady with a disfigured face who’s all hunched-over. Made me glad I hadn’t eaten anything at the party or I would have lost it!

Old pals Marques Johnson and Karen Salkin.

2/18/11 In case you missed my piece on the NBPA swag suite, here’s just a partial list of all the players, both current and former, I spied from my perch in the semi-private Player’s Plaza at the JW Marriott downtown: LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudmire, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki, DeMarcus Cousins, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Greg Oden, Steve Smith, Marques Johnson, Doc Rivers, and Kevin Garnett. Whew!!! It’s enough to make a girl’s head spin!


Rita McKenzie, Freda Payne, and Michael Orland.
2/17/11 My good pal, and American Idol Associate Music Director, Michael Orland, along with old school singer Freda Payne, supporting the lovely Rita McKenzie on her debut as Ethel Merman at the El Portal Theatre in historic arts district, NoHo.

2/15/11 Julianne Hough arriving with her future film director and choreographer, (on the upcoming movie of this show,) Adam Shankman, for the opening of Rock Of Ages at the Pantages.

2/11/11 Sally Kellerman driving up Sunset Blvd. in the most mouth-watering sky blue car.
2/9/11 Peter Fonda and Anjelica Huston at opening night of 33 Variations at the Ahmanson Theatre. Peter was there to support his big sis, Jane, who was starring in the play, and he sat right near me. Anjelica walked by me at the valet, post-show.



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