Okay, enough already. I actually hate typing, so I stay away from writing extra columns, other than for things I really want you guys to know about, one way or the other. But I’m so sick of people torturing the best singer, and nicest guy, I’ve ever met. (And I’m also tired of people calling me individually for my take on it.) So, now I have to break it down for y’all.

Karen and Adam Lambert in his pre-"American Idol" days.  Can you tell how freaked-out she was to be hanging with her favorite performer???

Karen and Adam Lambert in his pre-"American Idol" days. Can you tell how freaked-out she was to be hanging with her favorite performer???

Craziness on music shows has long been around, with no one getting punished like this, not even super-offensive hosts like Russell Brand of the VMAs. What is wrong with ABC??? Adam’s performance on the recent American Music Awards was on at almost 11PM on a Sunday night, and if you were a viewer, that meant that it would be something outrageous, on at least some level.

As they went to every commercial all night, the announcer even clearly stated what was to come. Here are just a few of his announcements, verbatim, to get us to stay tuned: “… a performance by Adam Lambert u have to see to believe!” “…a performance from Adam Lambert that everyone will be talking about tomorrow!” “And don’t miss the eye-popping performance from Adam Lambert.” And finally, “It all comes down to this: An outrageous performance by Adam Lambert!”

Was there anyone watching who thought any of those teasers meant that this would be just an ordinary act??? The producers told us straight-up to fasten our seatbelts! So, we all had ample warning to send the kiddies, who’ve probably already played bloody/evil/provocative video games all day, to bed if you thought they couldn’t handle it. This wasn’t half-time at the Superbowl, where Janet Jackson’s boob could be shocking because it made its appearance at an appropriate time for children to be viewing.

I’ve long been a fan of Adam’s, for about five years now, and have met him several times. I’ve had the great fortune to hear him sing live on at least six occasions, an experience I wish for the best of people, and I pray that I get that chance that again.

But, as everyone keeps asking me, what did I really think of his AMA number? It’s not what I would have chosen for his first big post-Idol appearance. I think he should have started with something outrageous vocal-wise, rather than shocking, and then his For Your Entertainment rendition could have been in his next phase. It could have worked something like  Christina Aguilera’s early career did:  first came her hit Genie In A Bottle dance performances, followed by her awful Dirty period. Then she blew everyone away with her next Beautiful grown-up ballad let-them-all-hear-my-great-pipes period. Adam’s handlers should have suggested some such scenario for him.

While most of us don’t give a fig about his sexuality, I don’t feel he had to shove it down our throats, so to speak, right out of the box. And I don’t fault him–I fault his advisors who should have known better. But for ABC to keep canceling his appearances on their shows is just stupidity. The latest statement is something to the effect of that they can’t trust what he’s going to say…on Jimmy Kimmel of all places!!! A show that’s had guests such as Steve “Jackass” O! He’s a certified moron who had Lacey Schwimmer kick him in the nuts on Jimmy’s show, not once, but twice!!! I think that’s much more “ball abuse” than having a guy’s mouth there for a second, though I really don’t want to see either.

Adam Lambert is one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, charming, and entertaining young men out there today. I’d rather hear what he has to say, and sing, than just about anyone else. He’s actually a lovely role model, and someone I’d be more than proud to have in my family. I’m not even counting how beautiful and fashionable he is.

He had one minor lapse of judgment, but unfortunately for us all, it was at this critical first stage of his fledgling fame. What did ABC think this song was about? I’m sure dancers on leashes was not news to them, so what’s a little more weirdness? And you can bet that more viewers will tune in next year, just to see if anyone can match it.

Adam needs to be let off the hook, and we all need to move on to the important topics of the day–Tiger Woods’ major infidelity and breaches of White House security!!! And reading my posts, of course.



  1. Hey Dahink! Well said and the site looks amazing. Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season and let’s try and get together one of these months.
    Dick Weaver

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    Hello Karen,

    Even austrians love your site……….it’s pretty interesting whats happening in L.A. and New York……

    Hugs from Austria,

  3. He was wonderful being interviewed on Oprah’s show, a lovely young man with good manners, articulate, and genuinely nice. Not to mention the most beautiful eyes since Elvis.

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