I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Shakespeare. I need everything in life spelled out for me—I’m never in the mood for interpreting what anyone has to say. Spit it out, McDuff! As a matter of fact, Mr. X was shocked when I said that I could not wait for the summer season at Theatricum Botanicum to begin, after forcing myself to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream there last year. But I cleared it right up for him when I said it’s because I want to eat at the cute little Italian restaurant in Topanga Canyon, on the way. (See, everyone? I tell it exactly like it is—no need for anyone to ever guess what I mean.)

AGBW-flag-e1493848138266So I surprised even myself by eagerly opting to see A Shakespeare Jubilee at The Wallis in Beverly Hills this Saturday, which kicks-off BritWeek here in Los Angeles. But they had me at “Brit” and “Jubilee.” My mouth was watering for afternoon tea just reading the invitation! (If they have one of those this week, you know I’ll be there, as well. I’ll even help them throw it!!!)

Ever since I was made aware of the Beatles as a little girl, I’ve loved all things British! (Although it does concern me a bit that No Sex Please, We’re British, one of the dumbest shows I’ve ever seen, ran for a whopping sixteen years!!! And always to packed houses! What was up with that?!)

[Note: In case you’re interested, BritWeek is a non–profit organization which highlights the creative relationship between California and Great Britain. (Duh to that last part.) To that end, each Spring, BritWeek hosts events in L.A. in many different categories. I wonder if one of those events is “Going to the Dentist?” Okay, now I’m just being cheeky.]

Ioan Grufford.  Photo courtesy of BritWeek.

Ioan Grufford. Photo courtesy of BritWeek.

This is the raison d’être for A Shakespeare Jubilee, provided by The Wallis: “Two hundred fifty years ago, in 1768, the Stratford England town elders called on David Garrick, the greatest actor of his day, to organize a ‘jubilee’ celebrating its most famous citizen, William Shakespeare.” So they’re reviving that concept with this one-night-only show where over two dozen actors will perform excerpts from some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. (I’m hoping that my fellow Angelenos can join me there, and help me figure-out what the words mean, at the post-show reception.) I’m expecting it to be a charming and entertaining evening.

I’m especially interested to see co-host Ioan Gruffudd because I’m the one who watched his two American TV series, Ringer and Forever, and I really love hearing him speak. His voice and accent are a beautiful combo! Maybe I’ll even understand a bit of Shakespeare when he’s speaking it, (as I do only when Mr. X delivers that hard-to-decipher, for-me, dialogue.)

Nigel Lythgoe.  Photo courtesy of BritWeek.

Nigel Lythgoe. Photo courtesy of BritWeek.

Nigel Lythoe, the co-founder of BritWeek, (whose three-year-old grandson is the spitting image of him, by the way,) will be part of this presentation. So, you fans of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, will get to see the creator of those two now-iconic shows up-close and personal. (I really do mean “up-close” because there are no bad seats at The Wallis!)

Several of the participants are famous, (such as The Young and the Restless’ Eric Braeden and soap opera perennial Finola Hughes,) so this just may be a celeb-studded audience, as well, which makes the event doubly interesting. I hope to see them, and you, there this Saturday!

And I absolutely cannot wait to see some scenery being chewed!!!

For tickets and more info, please go to www.thewallis.org.



  1. my husband and I attended this event last night and left during intermission (as did dozens of other people)
    it was very disappointing and at times awkward

    • Hi Lisa.

      Shakespeare is not my thing at all, but I found it somewhat interesting. U missed the opera parts in the 2nd half, which were not my cup of tea, either. It was way too long, though, so you probably did yourselves a favor to leave.


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