After being a satisfied regular at Karen Michelle’s fun events for a couple of years, I was really disappointed when her 2020 rendition had to be cancelled, (as everything did,) because of the Covid pandemic. So it’s great that her “Love Your Body” is able to go ahead this year, and right away—it takes place this Sunday, October 3, 2021. And it’s still free to everyone. (Deets at the bottom of this preview.)

Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 3.27.26 AMIt’s held once again at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset in Brentwood. It’s an indoor-outdoor event, but for those of you who still worry about being inside with strangers for even a little while, (as I do,) no worries at all– I can tell you that the inside part is very airy, and fully open onto the patios on two sides. So I have no problem attending it. (With a mask on, of course, whether or not it’s required.)

This time around, Karen is partnering with Artists For Trauma. I have a feeling that that organization is the impetus behind a new feature of the event this year–an auction of artwork entitled Artists in the Garden. Those proceeds will benefit the building of an ADA-certified Artists Retreat, which will help adaptive artists recover from life-altering traumas, at Risk Rock Studios in Thousand Oaks. It’s wonderful to be able to help worthy people while having a lovely afternoon yourself, isn’t it?

Speaking of having a good time, if you attend at the VIP level, you just may score a gift from Karen Michelle’s own boutique. I may not always “love my body,” but I do love Karen Michelle’s candle and diffusers. And I’m not just saying that–when I was having trouble sleeping during the pandemic, I broke-out her lavender diffuser and it does the trick every time I remember to use it. Now I’m addicted to it!

This is one of the patios where the festivites take place.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

This is one of the patios where the festivites take place. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The main tickets are free; those get you into the event where you can see the fashion show and do some fabulous shopping. And enjoy the complimentary dessert reception! But if you’d like even more perks, there are several VIP levels. It’s all explained right here: www.eventbrite.com/e/karen-michelle-artists-for-trauma-present-the-love-your-body-event-tickets.

I hope to see all my Los Angeles readers and followers there on Sunday! We’ll “elbow” each other hello!


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