Listen up, all you Black Swan aficionados–here’s your chance to see gorgeous ballet up-close and personal, have a fabulous dinner, mix with people from the ballet world, and support the arts, all in one lovely evening of dance and dining on March 6. And it’s 100% tax deductible, to boot!

You won’t get the chance to do all that in any other fundraiser. This should be special. I was recently treated to just a taste of what the Luminario has to offer, and it was indeed beautiful. I can’t wait to see what they present us with this time. It’s due to be the premieres of three new ballets, with a special performance by Carrie Lee Riggins of the aforementioned Black Swan, coincidentally enough. (She was Natalie Portman’s ballet double in the film.) That should be worth the price of admission alone!

Another special guest is Marat Daukayev of Kirov Ballet. I don’t know if he will also be dancing, but his website is so gorgeous that I want to make his acquaintance either way.

I believe that one of the new programs includes aerial performances, which should be stunning in in the closer-than-usual proximity. There will also be a live auction of “Dates With the Dancers”–so get gussied-up for it! Actually, people who attend dance events usually do look the part, so seeing the crowd is part of the fun.

The planned order of the evening is: Cocktails and dinner, followed by the dance and aerial performances. Then, after the auction, dancing to a DJ. I love seeing gorgeous ballet dancers on the dance floor with us mere mortals; it’s always interesting. I’m jumping out of my skin for this whole event right now. I wish March 6 was here already!

I don’t often get to share my invitations with my readers, so you guys should take advantage of this offer. In addition to all of the above, (as if that wasn’t enough,) the invite also states there will be a “surprise Guest of Honor” I hope it’s not me! (Of course it’s not, but I always get nervous about “surprises.”) We’ll all find-out together.

This event sounds like one not to be missed! Hope to see you all there.

For address, ticket prices, and other pertinent info: 818-395-6506  www.luminarioballet.org/helpus 


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