I had several disappointment yesterday. The Yankees lost their season opener, (but the Mets won, and beat the Nationals, to boot, so that part was a win,) Wisconsin lost to Duke in the NCAA National Championship (more on that tomorrow,) and a friend semi-screwed-up my week.

And then came Dancing With The Stars, which was perhaps the biggest disappointment of them all, on so many levels.

I had no plans to write about the show again this soon, but last night’s episode pissed me off so much that I must weigh-in. (I don’t have time to write big details today, but if you’re a fellow viewer, you’ll know exactly what I mean about everything.) I’ll go in order of how it all unfolded.

Please get co-host Erin Andrews off there. Mr. X and I get seriously depressed that we have to live through her creepiness to be able to see the rest of the show. There’s no getting around her.

Nastia Liukin and derek Hough.  This is just one nano-second of what they accomplished!

Nastia Liukin and derek Hough. This is just one nano-second of what they accomplished!

Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough got screwed big-time. Their incredible Argentine tango should have been a two hundred out of ten!!! Yet the judges, in their attempt to not reward the obvious cream of the crop, gave them not even the highest marks of the night!

I hate the way they did the eliminations, which is to tell the couples if they’re “in jeopardy” right before they have to dance! It’s insane. And unfair. Their nerves kick into high gear just waiting for the announcement, and, even if they’re deemed “safe,” they have to calm themselves down to perform. Cruel.

The idiot co-host I mentioned above is so stupid. She’s in on the workings of the show, yet she doesn’t know that “in jeopardy” doesn’t really mean the bottom two? She even says the actual words, “…not necessarily the bottom two…” every week, but then gets it wrong when she’s talking to the couples. She makes me want to puke.

I think Demi Moore (in the audience) was trying to look bad so that her daughter, Rumor Willis, would look better.

Here’s a big one, that really upset me so much. I don’t care at all about Joyce DeWitt, but it was disgusting that Suzanne Somers was so rude to her, by omission. In her video package about her “most memorable year,” it was, of course, getting the part on Three’s Company. The title’s number correctly referred to the trio of roommates in the sitcom, but Suzanne made like the show was about just her and John Ritter. I haven’t seen many episodes of it, but I know they were all equal parts. When she said last night that she got “the starring role” on the show, I almost threw-up. What a creep. And she made herself cry talking about how she missed John, and that her dance last night was for him. Well, I used to know John, (not well, but a bit,) and a couple of the other people involved, and I’m pretty sure that John never spoke to Suzanne again after she tried to hold the show hostage for more money than the other two made, and got fired for it. What a disgusting misuse of pathos last night. I hope that no one fell for it. She needs to get eliminated already, not just for that, but because she can’t dance!

That Willow girl got tens??? More than the absolutely perfect Nastia received??? The judges are insane. They just don’t want to give it to Derek and his ringer partner again!

Noah Galloway. Just wow. They had him go last because nobody could follow his dramatic story.

Michael Sam and Peta.

Michael Sam and Peta.

I think the producers made like those two youngsters (Willow somebody and Riker Lynch) were in the bottom three to scare their “fans,” and get them more votes.

Michael Sam was the classiest exitee ever. I’m sick to see him go. Mr. X said he was such a gracious loser.

Speaking of loser, we have to lose Suzanne!!!


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  1. Did you know that Suzanne will be starting a Vegas residency at the former Las Vegas Hilton and this gig was simply to promote it? What about that big make-up/reunion that she had with DeWitt, taped of course? I think this woman is a grifter.

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