Even though there are still some new shows to debut later on this month, I felt it was time to weigh in with reviews of the Fall season so far. Here goes:



Ringer—my absolute favorite! I’m nervous the whole time. I’ve spent my whole life wishing I had a twin, but this series is making me re-think that desire.

Revenge—the perfect show! I love that even though the story is on-going, she gets a specific revenge every episode. So satisfying.





New Girl—I would like it better if Mr. X didn’t keep pointing out that she’s ME!

Hart of Dixie—I like Rachel Bilson, but this one is just so formulaic! It’s basically the late, lamented Men In Trees, except in the south instead of the far north. And without the other’s charm. And, there are just so many holes in the premise, like how was the real father only sixty-nine??? He looked to be at least eighty! And the mother said that he was an “older man,” but she has to be at least sixty-five herself. That all is just weird. [Note: I checked and in real-life, Nicholas Pryor is seventy-six, but looks even older. And Jobeth Williams, the mother, is sixty-two, but looks older, as well.] But then again, this is the C.W., famous for having thirty-year-olds play high school kids. So there’s hope for me on the network!

Playboy Club—I know this is already cancelled, but I can’t see why. I’m into the murder mystery, the period appointments, and old-time music, like Lesley Gore, but I would think that males might be happy to see nice-looking girls prancing around in little, pointy bras. I guess with all the porn that’s readily available nowadays, this is nothing to them. And would everyone please back off Eddie Cibrian already!!! I never saw such hatred for two people (along with his new wife, Leann Rimes,) because they fell in love and left bad marriages for each other! For Pete’s sake, did people do this to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton??? (I’m not comparing the level of celebrity; just that they were actors who did the same thing.)

Terra Nova—I was prepared to hate it because of the dinosaurs in the promos, and even had to force myself to watch it for the sake of review, but I was riveted to the pilot. I haven’t gotten to watch the second one yet, but I will. I love the use of color. It did get kind-of Lost-esque, with the “Sixers” instead of the “Others.” The Sixers are even sporting the Others’ old togs! But I’m going back for more, even though I don’t understand the supposed science behind it.

The X Factor—even though I feel they stole this name from Mr. X, who’s been in the public eye much longer than the original British show has, of course I’m giving it a whirl. I’m a sucker for musical talent shows. It’s basically American Idol with two new judges and the original auditions in front of a giant audience. And Simon’s nicer and Paula is a tad less annoying. But that’s it. I don’t like that they screwed original judge Cheryl Cole, and have yet another English host when it’s an American show. But LA Reid is so far the best judge on any of these shows ever. He just tells the truth and doesn’t add crap. Good for him.

Two Broke Girls—the chubby chick is funny, and surprisingly, the annoying one is too, in a way. I just hate the stupid horse business. It’s like when Ross had a monkey on Friends, but thank goodness that lasted only a few weeks.

Suburgatory—I’ve seen just one episode so far, but it made me laugh. Good enough.



Prime Suspect—I heard a promo for this show that said “nothing is old hat” about it. I added, “Except for the one on Maria Bello’s head.” It’s so stupid; it’s the same old, same old in police dramas, except that, because they gave her a stupid hat, filthy hair, and a gum addiction to replace her smoking one, they think that we’re stupid enough to think it’s anything different. People who like police shows will add this one to their list, and those who don’t, won’t. Period.

A Gifted Man—kind-of stupid, but not dreadful. I predict it will get canceled soon.

Person Of Interest–that wide-eyed, monotonic delivery worked perfectly for Michael Emerson as the main villain on  Lost, but on this show it’s just annoying. Especially paired with Jim Caviezel’s similar style. It’s like they’re both channeling Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry, only without the success. That will be hard to take on a weekly basis. Even on a monthly one!



Secret Circle–at least for a few weeks until they lose me with too much crazy witchcraft.

Pan Am—while I always love period pieces, (except for the bad movies that I’ve been in–don’t ask,) Pan Am basically sucks. I love seeing what olden times were like, and assume that decades as recent as the ’60s are correctly portrayed. One of the opening scenes in the pilot, in the terminal with all the stewardesses in blue, was gorgeous, but that’s where my enjoyment of the show ended. There’s nothing else on at that time on Sunday, and after watching The Good Wife, I’m craving another hour drama, so I’ll stick with it. For the few weeks until it’s cancelled, that is!

How To Be A Gentleman—since I first wrote this, it’s been cancelled, with the rest of the episodes that were already shot being shown on the hell that is Saturday night. (The good news is that now the wonderful Rules Of Engagement, that’s survived despite numerous time-slot changes, will get the empty Thursday night spot after Big Bang Theory. Yay!) The main guy, who was also the creator, writer, and producer, just wasn’t cutting it as an actor, and has a horrible voice, to boot! The I-just-ate-a-lemon-faced Mary Lynn Rajskub was annoying, too. But, I watched the whole mess just to see the wonderful Rhys Darby of Flight Of The Concordes. That guy can’t utter one word without getting laughs! Love him! Give him his own show, or at least one with a more prominent part. As a matter of fact, I think Ricky Gervais should be the one to write it!


Whitney—while watching the first episode, Mr. X said, “This show is so long!!!” Whitney herself is too big in her acting, and the lead guy is too small. And neither is attractive. His hair is so dirty. And did he ever hear of a razor???

See what I mean about that hairline?

Charlie’s Angels—just vomit. No one on here can act! And what’s up with Minka Kelly’s weird hairline and horrible nasal voice? (And does she also have a speech impediment?) I hate to say it, but I can see why Derek Jeter broke up with her. I just wonder how he could bear listening to her for all those years.

Free Agents—watching two people as unattractive as the leads having sex made me nauseous from minute one. The girl is actually really funny, though–just not on this show. And I’ve never been a fan of the full-of-himself-seeming Hank Azaria.

Up All Night—I’m sad to say that this is unwatchable because I loved Christina Applegate on the shouldn’t-have-been-cancelled Samantha Who. They should have just brought that one back. Mr. X thinks that Will Arnett is funny, but, having seen him on this one and his cancelled-last-season show that I don’t even remember the name of, he has never made me even crack a smile.

Unforgettable—I wish the network had forgotten this show! Mr. X pointed out that every line uttered by star Poppy Montgomery has the same value. And she pauses after every single line! It’s torture to watch. It’s your basic procedural cop show, but I can’t watch it because of her bad acting. P.S. I have almost one of those memories, which is great for the good ones, and so sad for the bad ones. And the way it’s portrayed is not even close to correct!!! We don’t stand in a space to picture what we forgot. That’s just stupid.

H8R—this one’s already cancelled, too. I normally wouldn’t watch crap like this, but one of my celebrity crushes, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, was on it, facing his “hater,” who was a stupid, unattractive, boring girl, with no personality, who was obviously just trying to get to meet him. He should have been the one H8-ing her! (And probably was.)


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