In previous years, I’ve always been too busy to attend this lovely music/ afternoon tea series until the final concert, so when I tell you about it, it’s too late for you to go that season. But, because it’s so worthwhile, I made a point to make it to the very first one this year, in order to pass the info on to you. I even missed watching a Yankee play-off game live to do so!!! Which means I really want to give you the opportunity to see the rest of the concerts yourself.

The view out one of the windows, looking down at the beautiful Music Center Plaza. All photos by Karen Salkin.

Each concert in the monthly series has the same overall framework, in this order: mingle in the beautiful floor-to-ceiling-windowed room atop the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, hear beautiful live chamber music, have an educational discourse with the musicians and a musicologist while sipping champagne, and then enjoy a lovely buffet of afternoon tea fare, complete with scones and clotted cream! What could be better???

Classical music and afternoon tea have long been linked. (When it’s done right!) They’re usually happening concurrently, so to be able to enjoy them separately, yet right after each other in the same space, doubles the enjoyment. I’ve never experienced it like that anywhere else. It’s a wonderful self-contained event.

Just part of the huge crowd, and the six musicians, during the "La Conversation" portion of the program.

When we took our seats, Le Salon de Musiques Artistic Director, Francois Chouchan, greeted the assemblage with his philosophy of the day regarding his beloved chamber music. Then, the season opened with a program of two piano sextets, which are very rare, it was explained to us by the always-informative resident musicologist, Julius Reder Carlson. My pal Flo, who’s an expert in classical music, and chamber in particular, loved that this music was so “accessible.” What a perfect description of it!

The music is always so beautiful there that it elicits creative thoughts in me. This time, I was noticing that, especially coupled with the stunning “zen” view out the windows, it’s the most calming event of the year. By attending so many different happenings all the time, (theatre, parties, dance, restaurant reviews, etc.,) I wind-up a tad frazzled after awhile, (although I’m always very grateful to have such fun on my schedule.) So, I liken Le Salon to a stepping-stone in a body of water; when you arrive at it, you feel like you can relax and breathe for a little bit. It’s an oasis in a sea of stressful activities.

The delicious dessert segment of the Patina buffet.

Now to the dining portion of the afternoon. I was happy to see that the Patina-catered repast was served on tablecloths this time because that adds to the classy feel of the room. As usual, there were four kinds of finger sandwiches, including a vegetarian choice, each delicious tin its own way. My fave was the turkey blt, but the salmon on brown bread seemed to be the most popular. There were also several bite-sized sweets, including carrot cake ones, (which were so clever,) and two kinds of scones with clotted cream. On my new health kick, though, I was most happy to see the mixed berries. (Okay, I did indulge in the accompanying whipped cream with them, but who could resist it? So yummy!)

The music had already brought a packed roomful of strangers together, so the socializing during the buffet was full of amity. More than a good time was had by all!

Lastly, I must make mention of the very kind personnel that Patina employed this time. They were lovely to everyone, and were especially good to me when I didn’t feel well for a little bit. I really appreciate people like that, and thank them again.

The next concert is one November 11, 2012. For more info on the concert series, go to

[Note: for deets on the past ones, check out these columns from my archives: and]


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