I hate to say it, but this was the most depressing year for the world in probably my entire life. First, that sick buffoon taking the office of President, and then all the terror attacks, followed by the spate of news of sexual harassment in all fields.

I didn’t want to end the year with a column about all this sadness, (as opposed to an upbeat one,) so I looked back over all my other New Year’s columns through the life of INAM for inspiration. That made me realize that I should go through my entire past year for moments of happiness to share with you, to show you that there’s always a light in the darkness.

happy-new-year-2017-1024x768So below are my 2017 highlights, month by month. (If you’re interested, you can always read details on many of them in my archives that are on the right side of the Home page.) [Note: I’m sharing this not to demonstrate that I have what people tend to refer to as my “glamorous life,” but rather to show you how to do the same exercise for yourselves, especially those of you who tend to get depressed around this time of year. It really reminds you to be grateful! I highly recommend doing it.]

January—I really did start the year off right by attending a very lovely Salute to Vienna concert. There could be no classier January 1 ever!

Then the Cirque du Soleil opening two nights before my birthday was special. Even though Toruk was far from this creative company’s usual offerings, (because it was at the Forum, which is a very different venue for them, there were no opening night festivities, and there were far fewer of the usual daredevil feats,) it was even more visually spectacular than ever.

And then on January 14, I actually had a lovely birthday for once, even without a party! (My bdays are usually strife-filled, for one reason or another.) Even though it was on a Saturday, which is prime for a soiree, I chose to spend it with just Mr. X and go old school. We had a very classy Beverly Hills dinner and then saw Neil Sedaka! It was a wonderful, nostalgia-filled concert, even if I did turn-out to be the youngest person there, by far! (So, actually, I guess that made it an even happier birthday for me!)

February—This month brought a plethora of Grammys and Oscars gifting suites, which were all fabulous.

March—The highlight of the third month of the year is that I lived through yet another bout of pneumonia! I’m serious about that! There were times during the month when I honestly thought I was not going to make it out alive. Literally.

April—I saw the most unbelievable musical, An American in Paris, which I just adored. And from house seats, to boot!

I rarely have a fun Easter, but celebrating with new pals in Malibu made this one very special.

I’ve been living off my pride over this one all year—I figured-out how to fix one of my medical situations on my own!!! My hair falling out all of a sudden had every doctor stumped, so I knew I had to come up with a solution for myself. And I did! I asked the pharmacy if they had switched a generic brand recently, and they had! I made them switch back immediately, and within a couple of weeks, my hair was back to its usual glorious self! (I’m telling you this one to encourage you to work on health problems for yourselves, instead of just leaving it in the hands, and minds, of the docs.)

May—I met the most unbelievably creative choreographer in the world, Matthew Bourne!!! I’ve been such a big fan of his for so many years, so to not only get to chat with him awhile, but to discover just how lovely and down-to-earth he is was perhaps the main highlight of my year!

We got a new bed, after a zillion years of looking for one! With how much Mr. X does for me all the time, I was thrilled to do this for him, finally. (He’s the one who wanted one—as usual, I was content with the status quo.)

June—I know this one sounds like something minor, but it certainly was not. Through the generosity of some pals, I finally got a much-needed massage. A ninety-minute one!!! OMG! I wish that every gift to me for the rest of my life will be a gift certificate for a massage!!! No joke. (Okay, to be truly honest, it’s tied with me being taken out to afternoon tea.) [Note: I guess this is a good spot to remind everyone that my birthday is in just two weeks, right?]

July—I went to one of my favorite events of the year, (and probably the most important one,) the Concern Foundation Block Party at Paramount Studio, which benefits cancer research.

And shortly after that, I saw one of my favorite shows of the year, Born For This. Having Stevie Wonder walk right past me, and then sitting behind Sidney Poitier, just added to the specialness of that evening.

August—I finally had a garage sale, after planning to do it for several years!!! And I had it in my…garage! (Duh.) That I still have some good pals who helped me with it warmed my heart way more than the sales did! (I’m talking to you–Curtis, Lisa, Jeanine, Lyndsey, Carolyn, Rachel, Phil, and Mr. X!)

And, as small a thing as you might think this is, I discovered an incredible place I never even knew existed in LA—the Houdini Mansion. And it’s right near me!

September—Seeing the Matthew Bourne ballet, The Red Shoes! (See my May entry, above, to remember how much I love this guy!)

October—My friend (and ersatz nephew) Thomas visited us from Rhode Island. I rarely have out-of-town visitors anymore, and I have virtually no family of my own, so this time together was really special.

I loved attending the fabulous World Choreography Awards again—there was some great dancing! (And I met my new bestie there, too.)

November—This penultimate month of the year brought even more friends to town, ones I rarely get to see anymore. Lauren and Taylor were here from New York, at the same time as Noelle from Montreal. It was a fun-filled month.

And it got even better when I saw the musical Something Rotten. That is the greatest show I have ever seen in my entire life!!!

Colorful-New-Year-PicturesDecember—Mr. X and I have been doing the holidays right. We went to more holiday-themed shows, attractions, and parties than we ever have! (Not to mention watching tons of awful, anger-inducing Hallmark Christmas TV movies. As upset as I get over the beyond-many holes in those plots, it was a fun at-home activity for us.)

I hope to keep the ball rolling into 2018, especially on January 14, which—have I mentioned yet?–is my birthday!

But, before then, I wish you all a fabulous, safe, and Happy New Year’s Eve!

I’ll meet you all right back here next year! (Which is really next week. That’s so goony of me, I know.)



  1. carolyn beshara on

    I’m delighted there were so many great events in 2017, and am looking forward to lots more goodies for 2018.
    Lets celebrate your birthday with something fun this year, preferably in January.

    Happy Everything, Carolyn

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