When Mr. X and I were just friends, (but secretly in love,) he’d always jokingly suggest that we go to a seedy pay-by-the-hour motel on Washington Blvd. and Glencoe Avenue. I could never pass that corner without smiling thinking of those times, forever after that. But it still sort-of creeped me out.

The lovely, healthful Media Day refreshments. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The lovely, healthful Media Day refreshments. Photo by Karen Salkin.

So, I was thrilled to discover a brand-spanking-new, beautiful, classy beauty mini-mall on the space now.  The occasion of that discovery was a relaxing Media Day at the lovely new Burke Williams Simply Massage, which is located on the second floor of that complex.  As I was on the way there for my massage, I realized that I had forgotten to allot time to luxuriate in their usual spa amenities.  So, I was happy to learn that this is a new concept for Burke Williams, which is exactly what its name says–it’s “simply massages.”  As much as I love to relax in a steam room and sauna for a bit before a massage, I had no time for those extras that day, so I was happy to find a place for busy peeps such as moi.  You get a massage that’s the same excellent quality as this company’s bigger outlets, but then bing, bang, boom (as my talent manager used to always say,) you’re out of there! What better way to spend a break from work?!

A treatment room door. I love this color! Photo by Karen Salkin.

A treatment room door. I love this color! Photo by Karen Salkin.

This location is as beautiful and pristine as the other Burke Williams branches all over town.  It was a pleasure to look around the premises.  The doors to all the massage rooms are painted in my favorite color, a sort-of muted Robin’s Egg Blue.  For this event, we each had appointments, and were greeted warmly by the reception area staff.

I was brought to my room by masseuse, Angela Aguirre.  It was peaceful and uncluttered.  And had a warming pad as the first layer on the massage table.  We discussed what type of pressure I wanted, and what areas of my body I wanted her to concentrate on, since this was just a half hour massage.

Between the three breaks in my lower back, and the humongous amount of stress in my life in recent times, I chose to concentrate on my back.  Angela worked-out the knots, and even used some moves I had never encountered in all my years of massages.

The reception area. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The reception area. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Seriously, this was the easiest massage scenario I could ever imagine.  It’s easy to get to, very easy to park at, and you’re in and out.  You can choose to have a massage for any length of time, from a half hour to two full hours, and the style, as well.  Angela explained the difference between Deep Tissue and Swedish to me, and I, of course, (with all my issues,) opted for the former.

So, if you’re in the Marina Del Rey area, or close enough (it’s not deep into it–it’s closer to Culver City, in my opinion, than the actual Marina, with water and boats and everything,) you owe it to yourself to try this new Burke Williams.  You’ll be out in a flash, and feeling better for it.

And then, might I suggest what you should do after?  Why, just go right across the street to Costco, of course! (Or maybe do that shopping before your Burke Williams visit; I can only imagine how wonderful a massage would feel after lifting all those giant economy-sized products!)

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