Because there are so many gifting suites for each awards show, and times that by about twenty gifts at each one, some of them naturally slip through the cracks of my original suites write-ups.  So, before we begin the Emmys season of suites, here are just a few items that I think are great that I didn’t get a chance to tell you about before.

SANUK—when I saw this easy-going footwear at a recent GBK suite, I thought they looked cute and cozy. But I had no idea of just how wonderfully comfortable they would turn-pout to be! OMG! I want to wear them in my sleep! These “sidewalk surfers” are flats, which is still the only thing I can wear because I haven’t fixed my back issue yet. And the Sanuk Fiestas go with everything, so I use them for just about every public activity. I would wear them around the house, too, but why waste the cuteness on myself?

FLIP-FLOP SPA–these are quite the unique flip-flops. At first, I thought they were just a pretty face, but they’re so much more. They actually exfoliate your feet while you’re wearing them!  How many brands of footwear can claim that distinction?

BOOGIE BOARD—this is one product I wish I had had during my recent flu and bronchitis siege. It’s so much better than paper and pen for temporary jottings. It’s smaller than a small legal pad and very light to tote around. You “write” on it with an included stylus, and when you’re done with the last notes, you just press a little indent at the top and it clears! Like magic. What would have been better to boss Mr. X around with while I couldn’t talk?

PRISON BREAK SHIRT BY TATTOO SLEEVES—this is a riot! It’s by the same company that makes the tattoo sleeves that Mr. X, the krumper, wears to shock his peeps. For those of you who were rabid Prison Break fans, as I was, these form-fitting stretchy tops make one’s body resemble Michael Scofield’s, pre-break.  Brilliant.  Yet a tad scary.


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