Well, the Golden Globes has come and gone, but the afterglow of the attending gifting suites lingers on. I had only one day to check them all out, so I was able to make it to only three. (But they’re the ones that count!) I’m featuring each suite in it’s own column, in the order of my visits. (So please check yesterday’s and tomorrow’s to get all the juicy scoops.)

GBK’s set-up on the rooftop of Beverly Hills’ L’Ermitage Hotel was perhaps their most beautiful to date. And the weather was perfect the day I visited, especially for January!

As always, they had a beautiful, classy, easy-to-eat-while-socializing buffet, catered by the hotel, who I wish still served afternoon tea, especially after tasting their wonderful tea sandwiches.

GBK is the suite known for attracting the most celebrities, but I was too busy paying attention to the sponsors to really notice who was there this time. I did spy Oscar winner Jeremy Irons, which was an unusual sighting, The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik, and the football coach from Glee, Dot-Marie Jones.

The gifts were a lovely combo of new and past sponsors, so let’s get to the highlights:

All photos by Karen Salkin.

The Artisan Group—When I received this incredible group of goodies, it was the first time I was happy that I had cancelled my birthday party for the next night! None of my guest could have come close to rivaling these gifts. They’re from a collective of artists in all fields, and the gift bag contained everything from jewelry to bookmarks to stationery to calendars, and beyond. It was truly the most overwhelming gift I have ever gotten at any gifting suite anywhere ever! Even the packaging on each gift was beautiful!!! I don’t want to single out any one item, so just go to their website and check-out the array for yourselves. Right this minute! [Note: the next time I run into them at a suite, I think they’ll have to get their own column.]

Revitalash Advanced—regular readers should know by now how much I love this leader in the eyelash-growing industry. They’ve even improved the basic formula, which was already fabulous, and now also feature it for hair on your head and eyebrows. They even have mascara I swear by and blue-hued primer for underneath it.

Centerville Pies—I couldn’t tear myself away from this table! (Nor could any of the other guests, by the way.) It’s a pie company from Cape Cod, and they were serving the most delicious chicken pot pie I’ve ever tasted. I actually don’t even like chicken pot pie much, but I could have eaten a whole one of theirs! It was scrumptious. (They were serving cherry pie, too, but I didn’t want to cheat on my chicken.) In talking with the chefs, I discovered that they employ only disabled adults, (they’ve partnered with a local non-profit with the perfect moniker, Cape Abilities,) which is even more wonderful than the taste of their pies, if that’s even possible.

Romi Digital Foundation—I’ve never worn face make-up, except for my show, modeling gigs, or shooting a movie. But now that I found this digital foundation kit from Romi, I think applying it will be a no-brainer. And fun! I can’t wait to use it!

Sandra Brooks Collection Jewelry—my mouth was watering for any piece of one-of-a-kind jewelry from the Sandra Brooks Collection, which she hand-crafts in Atlanta. They’re a mix of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, for both men and women, and feature gemstones and pearls. [Note: don’t get attached to the three-pearl bracelet in the front of the photo; it’s happily mine now!]

DNA Imprints—this one is pretty interesting: it’s designs on wall prints, or apparel, made from your own DNA, done from a swab you take yourself and mail to them! I was joking with the rep that maybe it was a sting operation, to find felons in the Hollywood community, (especially since the opening line on their site is, “Our story is one of intrigue and destiny,”) but I guess that’s where my writer’s mind goes. I see everything as a blockbuster film! (If only I would start writing them!)

TC Intimates—I almost couldn’t get to the suite in time because at home, I couldn’t find my perfect panties…which are made by TC Intimates!!! (They were still in my suitcase from my recent New York trip.) I was so happy to see them at the suite that I just had to show the ones I was wearing (under my skirt, of course,) to everyone there! (Thank goodness the guy closest to the private peep show was cute!) This is seriously the best-fitting, most comfortable line of undergarments ever! (And trust me, I’ve tried them all.)

G Wear—as a lover of black attire and bright colors in general, I was instantly drawn to this table of tees and scarves that have colorful appliqués (many on a black background) that are made from re-cycled tee-shirts themselves. Wish I had thought of this one! And had the talent to make them look so great. And fun!

Eos—Yet another colorful company, (Golden Globes suites are somehow more fun than the ones for the more serious awards, I think,) Eos was gifting fabulous-looking packages of lip balms and hand lotions, that we can use proudly in public. I actually used my balm on the spot, something that I never do!

Beyond The Rack—this is an on-line shopping site, so they were gifting clothing from some of their featured brands. Clever.

Bota Box Wines—I think most people know by now that I don’t drink. But if I did, these colorful Bota Boxes would be it! They come in multiple flavors (if that’s the correct term for wines, which I’m assuming it isn’t) and the boxes look great. And both sizes are perfect for picnics, or the Hollywood Bowl. Or visiting the in-laws.

Little Black Dress Vodka—again, I don’t drink, but what girl doesn’t want to have a bottle of vodka handy, especially from a company with the cute name of Little Black Dress? I heard it comes in flavors, and even a tee-totaler such as I would be happy to try a sip of the pineapple-honey.

That’s it for GBK this time. As always, there were many more companies than I had space to write about here, but I’ll continue to bring you the highlights of them as the year goes in, in several other columns. Check back tomorrow for the last Golden Globes suite, and please look at yesterday’s column, too, if you missed that one.



  1. hi karen-
    what a wonderful write up on the lounge in general and on the artisan group in particular! as i proud member of the group -i want to thank you! i hope you received one of my cuffs in your press swag bag! look for us at the oscars gbk lounge next month!

  2. So glad you enjoyed your gifts from The Artisan Group! Amazing bunch of talented people. Hope you adored your cuff from lapisbeach amongst those goodies!

  3. Thanks for the shout out for the Artisan Group! Valerie and Nikki are a total class act, and it is such an honor to be a member of this amazing group. GBK does such a great job, too.

    Be sure to check out the biz cards in your bag, too! Mine’s in there, somewhere. Some more great ideas for the future!

  4. Kelly Ann Taylor on

    Hi Karen! How pleasant to read your article and to hear your genuine pleasure at opening each and every gift in your bag! This was my very first time being among the distinguished artisans at The Artisan Group, but on behalf of everyone, Thank you for your awesome write up and we hope you just enjoy every single item! My Thailand inspired aromatherapy soap was intended to soothe, inspire and bring joy to hardworking ladies like you!

  5. This was a great post and a true tribute to the artists. Love the pics and thanks for posting.I am really going to have to try that Bota Box!

  6. Hello Karen! Thank you so much for your wonderful article! As a member of the Artisan Group, I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your kind words. It is a wonderful collective of artisans and I am proud to be a part of it! I’m so happy you enjoyed all of your gifts! Best wishes!

  7. Hello Karen, You are the best, thank you for the wonderdful write up on TC Intimates and our amazing panties. Knowing how wonderfulthe TC panties are and that you have found them brings joy to me. Enjoy and hopefully the rest of the panty wearing ladies will discover them too! Blessings

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