Doris outdid herself on this one! It was the perfect combination of celebs, gifts, and food. We couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves more. There was so much going on at this daytime soiree, held once again at Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood, that I had to break it down into four sections. Don’t miss any of them!!!

First the celebs:

I don’t know how she does it, but Doris always gets the most interesting mix of celebrities. You know I rarely care about famous people, unless they’re cute guys I have fake crushes on. But even better than that are people with real talent. And, at this lounge, I bumped into three people with an abundance of that commodity!

I actually had lunch with everything-nominated actress, Mare Winningham, this year for Hatfields & McCoys. I had heard her sing at a private concert years ago, and I can’t decide which she does better—act or sing. Or be a lovely person, which she proved to be during our long conversation.

Karen Salkin and Jamar Rogers. Photo by Lila West. All others by Karen Salkin.

I actually jumped for joy when I spotted Jamar Rogers, who should have won The Voice last season! (I think I freaked Lila out a little because she had seen me be like this over only basketball players in the past.) Mr. X and I had been fans of Jamar since he got screwed on Adam Lambert’s season of American Idol. And you know what? He was exactly as I thought he would be in real life. I told him I was upset he didn’t win, and he said, “Oh, I won, baby, I won.” What a great attitude!

Another lovely surprise was bumping into Emmy-nominated choreographer, Stacey Tookey, just the day after we saw her most gorgeous routine ever on So You Think You Can Dance! The weird thing is that I had interviewed her for something a year and half ago, and I had to rush through it because I was on the way to…Doris’ suite for the Oscars!!! And now, here we were all together! Stacey remembered me right away, and was as sweet as could be. She deserves all her success. And I hope she wins that Emmy this year!

Now to the gifts:

Ollin Arm Candy—we literally freaked-out when we saw these purses, etc., made from candy wrappers and comics! OMG! Lila ran right over to the table, declaring to me, “You’re going to love this one!” And, boy, was she correct! It looked like the inside of my soul! While I was deciding between an Archie Comics purse and a British Stamp clutch, others grabbed them both. (I know—at every suite, there are a few attendees who act like we’re at a fire sale, rather than a classy, invitation-only event!) But I did come away with a Dubble Bubble wallet, and Lila donned her adorable headband immediately. She loved it so much that she may still be wearing it right now!

Qmadix—Mr. X is never pleased to see me bring anything into the already-overcrowded house. So, this time I was smart enough to lead with Qmadix’ new portable speakers; he calmed down right away. He liked that magnets hold the duo together, making them easy to travel with, and to store in their neat, compact case. They’re also bluetooth, wireless, and rechargeable. And he can even use the petite pair to broadcast from his iPhone.

Baron Hats—this seemed to be the most popular table. Before we got over there, though, we kept noticing a lot of people who were indeed stylin’ in the headwear category, and I was wondering from whence Doris found all these stylish peeps! Turns-out, they had all visited Baron Hats already, and I swear, every single person looked good in his or her new fedora! And much hipper than they probably would have sans chapeau. (Lila said that, if they had been the only gift at the lounge, it would have been worth the trip!)

Prana SpaCeuticals—the creator of this mushroom-based skin care line, Cherie Dobbs, has beautiful skin herself, so we know that we can totally trust her in this category. And if we take it to a desert island and get stranded, I bet the ingredients are good enough to eat! If we have the moisturizer with SPF45, we’ll be protected at the same time. (Did I watch too much Lost, perhaps?)

Spontuneous Games—I love games. Period. I always wish I had a fun group of pals who would have game nights; I could play all day. I thought I knew all those on the market. So, I was thrilled when I spied this brand new one at the suite. And I give the creator, Rob Ridgeway, tons of credit for turning his excellent idea into reality. Way too few of us do that! Kudos to him for that. Spontuneous (notice the spelling, with “tune” in the middle) is a fun board game with singing, but their great catchphrase is “talent not required.” Finally, a musical game for me!

SimulTALK Earbuds—I am Miss Earpiece of America. So, to find a new, comfortable, non-pulling one is great. It can be used for all sorts of gadgets, including iPods and phones, even my old-fashioned one! And it won’t make a mess of everything if it pulls out of the ear; it’s so easy to use. You’ve really got to check this one out for yourself, especially if you don’t want to look like one of those fools who walks around events with their bluetooth flashing!

Terox Footwear—Lila loved these! She said they’re “super comfortable.” And, since my back situation demands only flats for awhile longer, I was thrilled to discover these soft, spongey, and attractive sandals.

Model In A Bottle—no, this is not a product about drunk skinny girls, (though I’m sure we’ve all known a few of those!) It’s a fast-drying finishing spray that sets your make-up for the entire day! You can even cry in it! Which is why I need a lifetime supply. Or at least enough to get me through the rest of this trying year. So I can look great and feel miserable at the same time. What a combo!

Radar Watches—these colorful watches, with interchangeable wristbands and faces, were like a dream come true to me! They call them “agents,” and the ones that light up are “special agents.” Clever.

Nature’s Flavors—this company has so many aspects to it that they gave each guest a gift box of assorted items, including coffee and a mug, and a room fragrance diffuser that Lila said “smelled really nice!”

Bon Bon Home & Garden—this company is really a store in Solana Beach. Judging by how beautiful they made their corner space in the suite look, I’m sure we’d want everything they sell! Lila was the most impressed with their big candles in glass jars, saying they’d be perfect for all rooms, but especially to make “guest bathrooms smell flowery and pleasant.”

Roadkill Ranch—this Fullerton boutique has had a slight name change since I last wrote about them. But it appears that they still feature the same trendy duds and jewelry, which is great! And the best news is that their on-line shop will be open for business really soon!

Michael Marcus Cosmetics—In a discussion of cosmetics colors with Lila, who was apprehensive about trying his beautiful red, creamy lipstick, Michael made her laugh when he told her, “No guy ever said, ‘Oh look at that beige sports car!’ ” Touché!

Twisted Silver—since I last wrote-up this jewelry line, the designer has come up with so many more creations! At this event, she was featuring hip little bracelets with thin ribbons that live through all kinds of situations for a long time. They finally give out when, in my words, it’s time to get a new piece! So, everybody wins.

Whitening Lightning–I’ve been a fan of this company for awhile, possibly because the owner, Jennifer Gerard, has super-white teeth herself! The company, whose products include Dial-A-Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit, Super Booster Pen, and lip gloss, has added a wonderful brow kit. Now your upper face will look as good as your teeth!

Handmade Hearts—these are precious little hand-blown glass pendants. The artist, Hillel Rzepka, let us choose our own color, and I chose blue, which I’ve done my whole life. When I checked-out his site, it said that blue “represents truthful communication and spiritual openness. Perfect for a generous, almost clairvoyant person.
” Of course, I knew it would say that!

Undiepads—I’m not going to go into too many details here, but these are disposable sexy underwear with a built-in pad, shall we say. So, they’re like Depends for hot chicks! I just wish they had been around since I was twelve!

Nu-4-You Eye Make-up Fallout Protector—why didn’t someone invent this under-eye make-up-catcher sooner? I have some pals who always have smudges under their eyes, because they don’t apply make-up that conscientiously. (Who really does?!) So, you hold this silicone shield there, with the handle, and you don’t have to worry about what’s falling! (Unless it’s your face!)

Lusciouss Jewelry—this designer was gifting sweet, filigree-type, drop earrings from her collection. Almost everything on her table was just my style!

Chocolate Shop Wine—chocolate wines in a variety of compatible flavors, (like raspberry, strawberry, and crème.) What oenophile wouldn’t like that???

Spongeables—I’ve used these pastel-colored loofah-type shower sponges for awhile now, and was so happy to discover one just for my almost-always-bare feet! And for the upcoming holidays, they packaged handsome body ones in chocolate-type boxes so that you can give a gift that’s still attractive, but is oh so much better for your body than sweets!

Let’s not forget the benevolence factor:

Wednesday’s Child is the worthy organization that was being feted here. Christine Devine, (who was present at the suite,) from our local Fox News channel, does a weekly segment on it. The purpose is to find adoptive families for children who are often older teen-agers.

Lila and I were lucky enough to have lunch with two of them, a fifteen-year-old girl and a seventeen-year-old guy, who were the VIPS of the event. They were both lovely, and any family should be proud to include kids like them!

And, the gifts went both ways at this suite. In addition to receiving the wares from the sponsors, most of the guests brought new, unwrapped items to kick-off the holidays for children from Wednesday’s Child who are in the teen category. That felt much better than receiving, I’m sure for everyone involved!

And finally, we must discuss the all-day food:

Many of you know that my dream is to try every restaurant in the world! (Or at least on both coasts!) So, even when I love a place, I always choose a new one. But, I’m so glad that Doris holds many of her events at Cafe La Boheme because they really do it right!

Lila has, of course, been to tons of events with me over the years, including gifting suites, but she was absolutely floored by this one! She a non-meat-eater, and she still had more variety than she could imagine.

First, beautiful hors d’oeuvres were passed. My favorite grilled shrimp were there again, along with chicken skewers, steak toasts, spring rolls, and crab cakes, each more scrumptious than the next.

Then, we had a gorgeous, generous buffet of poached salmon, potatoes and vegetables, salad, pasta, filet mignon, and beautiful breads. No wonder everyone sat on the patio for so long, lingering over their lunch.

Just when we thought we were too full, the dessert bar was presented. That consisted of several kinds of perfect-sized cookies and brownies, pane cotta, (that I was shocked I loved so much,) fresh fruit, and the creme brûlée that I thought Lila would marry, (if she wasn’t already)! She’s still raving about it!

After all this fabulosity, I can’t wait for Doris Bergman’s next event! Bring it on!



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